Motor Vehicle Finance Car Loan

Motor Vehicle Finance NZ is a broker that connects Kiwis to top lenders in New Zealand. They can help you find the best loan and get flexible financing. Unlike most financial institutions, Motor Vehicle Finance can help you find a suitable lender even when you have a bad credit rating. 

Everyone should get an opportunity to apply for a car loan. Motor Vehicle Finance makes this happen. You can apply for a car loan even when you only have a learner's licence. Most financial institutions don’t accept applicants with only a learner’s licence because of the risks of getting into a car accident. But Motor Vehicle Finance doesn’t cut you off just because you’re a beginner in driving — instead, they’ll help you find an offer suitable to your personal circumstance. 

Head over to glimp’s car loan calculator and see how Motor Vehicle Finance rates compare from other offers!

Why should you apply for a Motor Vehicle Finance car loan?

Motor Vehicle Finance “shops around so you can get the best deal.” This is their promise to their customers. They’ll give you the sharpest rates and the best lenders. And this is proven because 95% of loan applications they facilitate are approved which means there’s a high chance for you to get a car loan as long as you meet the criteria. 

Motor Vehicle Finance rates are some of the best in New Zealand. If they can’t beat a rate you've found elsewhere, they’ll pay you $500 towards your loan! They have fast turnaround times and can give you a response to your online application within two hours of receipt.

Is a Motor Vehicle Finance car loan right for you?

If you’re looking for a fast response, a sharp rate, flexibility (i.e. bad credit rating or having only a learner’s licence), and high possibility of getting approved, a car loan from Motor Vehicle Finance NZ can be the best option for you.


To be eligible for a car loan from Motor Vehicle Finance, you have to:

  • Be an NZ citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a minimum income of $400 per week
  • Must be able to provide a driver’s license number, details of employment or source of income (through bank statements), and details of assets and liabilities

Other documents may be required, depending on Motor Vehicle Finance’s assessment.

Motor Vehicle Finance’s Secured Car Loan NZ - Interest Rates & Fees


Motor Vehicle Finance secured car loans range from $3,000 to as high as $150,000 which you can repay within 12 to 60 months. The loan term will depend on how long you plan on using the loan and expected monthly payments.

They accept applications from part-time workers and retirees as well, as long as lender criteria are met. Generally, they offer a vehicle loan which means, aside from a car, you can also use it to buy a boat, caravan, and motorbike. If you need more time in deciding for the vehicle or car to buy, you can get a pre-approval on your loan. You can also apply for comprehensive car insurance at a low premium after you take out your loan.

Fees and charges

On top of the lender’s fees, Motor Vehicle Finance NZ applies the following fees:

  • Interest rates which vary from 6.95% - 23.95% p.a. depending on your credit rating, loan amount, existing liabilities and assets, and security rendered. 
  • An establishment fee with a minimum of $375 which can go higher depending on the lender and will be included in the loan total.
  • Monthly maintenance fees and early repayment fees (when applicable).