CreditOne Car Loan

CreditOne NZ is a broker that has helped Kiwis since the 1990's in looking for the right finance option. They value time and wouldn’t waste their clients’ time on unrealistic offers and inconvenient processes so they tailor financing according to individual preferences. This saves Kiwis plenty of time in searching for loan offers that suits their needs. In addition, the application process from start to finish is 100% online. You can apply for a CreditOne car loan from the comfort of your home!

CreditOne NZ has a dedicated team of industry professionals who will do the legwork on your car loan application so that you get the lowest costs possible. They save you time and money when it comes to getting the right car financing option. If you want to see the repayments that you’ll be making for a specific borrowed amount, you can use the CreditOne loan calculator for an overview.

Apply for a car loan from the comfort of your home with CreditOne’s online application. If you’re still considering other options, head on to our comparison page and compare CreditOne car loan with other deals!

Why sign up for a CreditOne car loan?

CreditOne NZ works fast; you can get a response to your application within an hour! You can also get pre-approved on your loan allowing you to shop around with ease. Even if you’re currently unemployed or have a bad credit rating, you can still apply for a CreditOne car loan and their team of industry professionals will see how they can help so that your application can be approved.

Get flexible options

Because CreditOne NZ strives for unrivalled customer service, they’ll provide you with car loan features that are flexible and realistic. Your repayments are scheduled according to personal circumstances such as seasonal cash flow. While there are no monthly fees, interest rates and establishment fees will depend on your loan amount.

CreditOne Car Loan NZ Features - Interest Rates & Fees

General details

CreditOne car loan has interest rates between 6.85% - 23.95% p.a. which are applied depending on your financial circumstances and the amount that you’ll borrow. You can borrow anything between $1,000 to $1,000,000 for a loan term between 6 to 60 months. CreditOne’s car loan is secured with the car that you purchased to be registered as the security. You can also qualify for 100% funding, depending on your case. If you’re still unsure about the car to buy, a finance consultant from CreditOne can help you get in touch with one of its preferred dealers.

Secured car loan

A Credit Sale Agreement can be used when you buy your car through a Registered Motor Vehicle Trader. With this option, the car will be the asset to be registered as the security and goods and services tax (GST) will be claimed on the asset invoice. Repayments may also be affected by depreciation and interest and be tax deductible.