QuickLoans Car Loans

Based in Christchurch, QuickLoans is proud of its long history in providing Kiwis financial services whenever they’re needed. They have a 15-year reputation of providing easy and fast loans because they value their clients’ time. Nobody is perfect and once in a while you can miss the bills — that’s why QuickLoans accommodates you even when you have a bad credit history. As long as you can make repayments and have an asset to register as security, they’ll help you get a loan.

A decision about your loan application can be made within 60 minutes. And once approved, you can get your funds in 24 hours or less! If you’re in a hurry to get a car loan, QuickLoans can be your best stop. QuickLoans also save you money. They offer competitive rates which can help you save thousands in the long run. No worries if you can’t render a deposit. You can get a flexible loan with zero deposit instead!

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QuickLoans Car Loans nz

Why get a car loan from QuickLoans?

Their name says it all — from start to finish getting a loan will be convenient for you. On top of quick decisions on your loan and the same-day fund transfer, the repayment methods are flexible enough to suit your cash flow. Your interest rate will be personalised so you’ll be comfortable enough to make repayments. 

When you make a loan application, you’ll be accommodated by actual teams, and not machines. So, rest assured you’ll be treated as a person and not a problem.

Is a QuickLoans car loan right for you?

QuickLoans car loans are secured which means you need to register a vehicle, property and/or other assets as security. If you can provide security that aligns to the loan amount, then you can consider getting a car loan from QuickLoans. You can get funding for economic family cars, campervans,caravans, light trucks, vans, taxis, and other vehicles. If you’re still unsure about what to buy, you can get a pre-approved loan so you can shop around with ease and with a specific amount to spend.

QuickLoans Secured Car Loans NZ - Interest Rates & Fees


You can borrow an amount from $1,000 to $20,000 up to 5 years (5 years term is applicable only to those using land or property as collateral). The amount you can borrow depends on your current income and expenses. Repayment schedule can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your capacity. If you want to fully pay your loan before the end of the term, there won’t be any early repayment fees.

Documents to provide

To get a Quick car loan approval, you’ll need to provide proof of income through a recent payslip or bank statements. You also need to provide proof of address through a recent utility bill and identification, such as a valid passport or driver’s license, showing your name and residential address.

Fees and charges

Interest rate varies between 9.95% to 23.95% p.a. depending on the security you rendered and your personal circumstances. On top of this are other important fees you should be aware of:

  • Establishment fee from $95 to $595 depending on the loan amount
  • An account administration fee of $12 per month
  • A security variation fee up to $150 (applies if you want to change the security for the loan)
  • Default fees and other default-related charges may also apply whenever you fail to make proper repayments
  • Collateral inspection and mortgage fees (if your property is the collateral)