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Kiwis now have a wealth of car insurance policies to choose from. As such, car insurance comparisons are essential in order to get the best car insurance policy online. To make it easier to find and compare the best car insurance use our free comparison tool at glimp! Compare deals from top car insurance providers like AA Insurance, ASB, ANZ, Westpac, MTF Finance, and State.

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What is the Best Car Insurance in NZ | Comprehensive Insurance or Third-party Car Insurance

To compare car insurance in NZ in order to find the best insurance cover, you need to account for different factors like your vehicle, your budget, and driver’s age. Fortunately, glimp lets you compare all available deals side by side, allowing you to see all the latest car insurance quotes online. Use the NZ car insurance calculator to compare all available deals from multiple car insurers in New Zealand.

As for the types of car insurance policies you can get, here is a brief overview so you can compare policies easier.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance provides the most coverage out of all insurance types, meaning its premium payments can be quite expensive. It covers damage you inflict to another person’s vehicle in the event of a car accident as well as damage to your own vehicle. Some providers also offer optional benefits with this such as windshield protection.

Third Party Insurance

Third Party Insurance is a budget insurance option that covers legal liability in the event you end up in a car accident. Its limited cover pays out to others if you are found at fault but it will not cover damage to your own car. However, it does result in a lower premium when compared to comprehensive insurance.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

If you want a bit more cover without the high insurance premiums of comprehensive car insurance, you can get a third party, fire and theft cover for your own car. It pays for legal liability in the event you damage someone else’s car or property and it also covers damage from fire and in the event your own vehicle is stolen.

What are my Responsibilities as a Driver?

As stated in your policy document, your car insurance serves as a contract between you and your car insurance provider. In addition to paying your insurance premiums, there are also obligations you need to fulfil in order to keep your insurance cover.

Keep your car secure

While your car insurance can protect your own vehicle in the event of something unexpected, you are still expected to keep your car well-maintained and cared for. You should still take precautions like locking it in a garage and keeping it safe.

Notify your provider in case your circumstances change

Did you move to a new address? Did you lose your licence? Did you make any modifications to your own vehicle? In case anything changes regarding your circumstances, you need to inform your car insurance provider. It’s your duty as a resident under New Zealand law to disclose these changes to insurers.

Keep your car in a roadworthy condition

It’s your responsibility to keep your car up to Warrant of Fitness (WOF) standards, even in-between WOF tests. This is an additional step in order to ensure your general safety. As such, it’s up to you to ensure your car goes through its routine tire rotations, oil changes, and other preventive maintenance procedures.

What is Agreed Value vs. Market Value?

Agreed Value

When they say agreed value, this refers to a sum agreed upon by you and your car insurance provider. Most of the time, this is usually higher than what your car was worth at the market at the time. As a result, you can expect to pay higher insurance premiums.

People choose to go with this as it provides some certainty that they’ll get enough money in the event of a total loss of the vehicle. It provides some flexibility that you can use in other situations like when you still have a car loan or any other finance option on your new car.

Market Value

On the other hand, market value is the term for what your car costs in the open market at the time you file your claim. This doesn’t necessarily refer to the trade-in value of your vehicle nor what another buyer would pay for it. Car insurers determine market value based on factors such as the condition of the vehicle, its make and model, and even its age.

There’s a degree of uncertainty with market value insurance however, since the amount you get is up to your car insurer’s estimates. It does result in a lower premium though.

Compare Insurance in NZ

Regardless if you choose to go with market value or agreed value, you can easily browse our selection of deals and compare car insurance in NZ from different providers. Use a dedicated car insurance calculator to give you an accurate estimate for your insurance premiums and benefits.

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