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Here at glimp, we’ll help you get the best cover – our service makes the process faster, easier and cheaper! Through our house insurance comparison services, we can help you choose the perfect house insurance policy by showing you exactly what’s available on the market.

We list a wide range of house insurance policies from the most trusted insurance companies in New Zealand. Whether you want basic or comprehensive cover, we have several options for all your needs. Compare insurance policies in NZ and get tailored quotes with glimp today!

No matter what damages or losses you may encounter, we consider all those things when calculating tailored house insurance quotes for you. Using our comparison tool guarantees to save you time, effort, and money. Best of all – it’s 100% free!

Easy-to-use house insurance comparison

Choosing the perfect house insurance policy has never been easier with our easy-to-use filtering software. We understand that every family or household has different needs when it comes to their home, but we also know that you only want to find the best insurance policy that ticks all the right boxes. And we know that you don’t want to pay for services that you don’t even need!

Comparing insurance companies will help you free up wasted costs, and get you the right house insurance policy that perfectly matches the needs of your home.

Upon comparison, simply choose whether or not you want comprehensive or basic coverage for your home. Our tool will then pull up home insurance plans relevant to your choices from different NZ house insurance companies. This makes it easy to compare policies according to things like legal liability, natural disaster, accidental damages, fencing, and more.

We help people like you get the most out of their house insurance everyday. Compare house insurance policies today at glimp!

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are covered by house insurance?

Coming from the name itself, house insurance insures your home. This includes cover for accidental damages to your home, natural disasters, legal liability, fencing, retaining walls, driveways, and more.

Depending on your policy, you can even get coverage for gradual damages, damage to plants and gardens, and repair or rebuilding costs.

How much should I insure my house for?

This is one of the most important things that you should determine first. Consider things like demolition costs, debris removal, professional fees and council fees before you decide on how much you should insure your house for.

If you don’t want complicated calculations, you can always use glimp’s comparison tool. We use a NZ-based house insurance calculator to make sure that we give you only the most accurate tailored results for your needs.

Is my house still covered when I’m on a holiday?

  • You don’t have to worry about short trips or getaways, as your home will still be covered even if it’s empty. However, if you’re planning a long vacation for 60 days or more, you may need to contact your insurance provider for additional information about your policy.

Is my house covered if I rent it out?

You can still get cover if you rent out your home, depending on your policy. Whether you rent out to renters or as Airbnb or Bookabach, there’s a specific type of house insurance policy that will cater to this type of concern.

When getting insurance at glimp, make sure to tell us that you plan on renting out your home – so we can calculate accordingly when determining the best results for you.

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