Globug NZ

Globug are a retail brand that focus on making electricity easier to manage, so Kiwis can keep on top of their payments. Instead of paying monthly for your electricity bills, you can pay for your electricity as you go. This ‘prepaid’ payment system allows you to manage your monthly power costs much easier. 

You can top up through the Globug app, through your account on Globug’s website using your debit or credit card, or through authorised retailers around New Zealand. It’s really that simple! The Globug app functions like a pocket-sized smart meter that you can check whenever you please. It shows you your current balance, top up options, estimates of how much power is remaining, and how much you’re spending on power.

Switching to Globug NZ is a simple task, as you can leave this to glimp! glimp will help you transfer to Globug hassle-free, so that you can get on with other important things!

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Why sign up with Globug?

Globug aren’t your typical electricity provider - there’s no meters and no monthly bills. You can treat your electricity as something that replenishes whenever you need it to. You can top off payments and buy electricity whenever you want; and you can do this with just a few clicks!

The convenience of smart technology

With the help of smart technology, getting a Globug top up can be easily done through internet banking or by buying it through an authorised seller. Your account with Globug is your personalised way of managing and getting electricity when you need it. No more waiting for monthly bills to see how much you’re spending... simply pay as you go!

Great customer service

Globug power Kiwis with a range of resources on how they can better manage their electricity and maximise their accounts. Globug have a dedicated customer service team that are available to answer queries and concerns. They are reachable via social media and on Globug's website. Simply leave them a message and let them know how they can reach out to you.

Electricity with Globug NZ: How It Works - Plans, Deals, Rates, Price

Medical dependency

After you’ve created an account online, this is the first question that Globug will ask you. It’s a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether you are medically dependent or not, so that they can put you in the Medical Dependency Register. Ideally, if you’re medically dependent, you should have someone with you who’s not medically dependent and who can help manage your electricity bills. From there, Globug will help you get a connection with their sister company, Mercury.

Moving or switching

This is the next question they’ll ask you, so that they can get an idea about your personal circumstances. They’ll ask if you are a new customer who wants to join Globug NZ, or if you’re someone who wants to join Globug and leave your current provider.

Your personal information

Once you’ve confirmed your personal situation, they’ll ask for your personal details such as your name, current address, birthdate, and the like. They’ll also confirm if you have a passport and a driver’s license, and if the details match the information you’ve provided.

Personal property

Lastly, they’ll ask about your personal property, such as your household. This lets them know about the facilities in your home, who you live with, how long have you been living in the current address, and the like. Once you’ve provided them with this information, you’ll be asked for a final confirmation of your application.