Globug NZ - Compare Power Plans

Globug NZ is a retail brand that focuses on making electricity more accessible for households in New Zealand, while also helping Kiwis stay on top of their payments. When joining Globug, Kiwis can choose to pay electricity as they go, rather than having to keep track of monthly bills. This helps customers better manage their monthly power plans.

You can top up via the Globug App, or access Globug’s website via your debit or credit card, or via authorised retailers around New Zealand. You think of the Globug App as a pocket-sized smart technology metre that tracks your current balance, top up options, nearest top up locations, estimates of how much power is still remaining, and how much you are spending on power.

Joining Globug is a simple task and it is even easier now to compare features with other providers. Compare energy providers with glimp for a hassle-free process when it come to switching companies for your prepaid electricity needs.

Why Sign Up With Globug Power NZ?

With no metres, and no monthly bills, Globug is quite different from the typical electricity provider. You can imagine it as something that replenishes itself when you need it to every week. In case you need more, Globug has a handy way of letting you buy electricity whenever you want without the hassle.

Convenience of Smart Technology

Smart technology makes it easy to top up your account via the Globug App or internet banking. From the Globug App, you can manage your prepaid electricity account with relative ease and get updates in real time. No more waiting for your monthly bills to see your estimate. You can simply play as you go!

No Late Payment Fees or Penalties

Your Globug account uses a prepaid electricity structure so you don’t have to worry about accruing any late fees or penalties. Keep in mind though that a drawback of these features is that if your balance drops below $10, your electricity supply gets cut off.

Great Customer Service

Globug power helps Kiwis better manage their electricity use, ensuring that they have everything in store to their full potential. Globug energy has great customer service capable of answering all your queries and concerns. If you have any questions, you can reach them via social media or by visiting Globug’s website.

Joining Globug Power NZ: Globug Power Plans, Deals, Rates, and Price

Medical Dependency

After you create your account, the first question Globug Electricity will ask you is whether you are medically dependent or not. This will help them determine if they are to put your account on their Medical Dependency Register. If you are medically dependent, you ideally should have someone who isn’t, and they should be able to help you manage your spending as well as your account online. After that, Globug Energy can connect you with their sister company, Mercury.

Your Personal Information

After confirming your personal situation, they will need data like your name, current address, birthdate, and the like. They will also ensure if you have a passport and driver’s license, just so they can compare features and information.

Moving or Switching

After that, Globug will request information about your personal circumstances. No need to worry though, this is mostly for determining whether you are a new customer joining Globug or if you have an existing power plan and are looking to switch to Globug Power.

Personal Property

Lastly, they will ask about properties your household possesses. This gives them an idea about what facilities you have in your home, how many household members you have with you, how long you’ve been at your current address, and more. After providing this information, they will finally ask you for a final confirmation of your application.