Nova Energy Power Plans

Nova Energy have been providing New Zealanders with power services for around 60 years. With a team-based right here in NZ, Nova Energy are proud of their good old fashioned honest Kiwi service, and they’ve received a bunch of awards to prove just how fantastic their services are.

Aside from power, they also offer broadband and gas services. They operate with a focus on being a refreshing and innovative provider, with a mission to provide Kiwis with the customer service that they deserve.

Nova Energy power plans come in two main options: the Home Freedom plan and the Home Advantage plan. Each has its own set of perks and drawbacks, giving you choice in how you pay for power.

To find out if one of these plans is right for you, compare all of NZ’s power companies with Nova Energy to see what options are available for you.

nova energy plans nz

Why sign up with Nova Energy?

Nova Energy are a company dedicated to forward-thinking and good service. Although they’re an established energy company, they continue innovating to make sure that New Zealanders only get the best in their power.

They offer two plans; the first is a fixed-term plan, which is perfect for those who want long term commitment without the fuss in their power. The second is a no-contract plan, which allows Kiwis more flexibility to leave whenever they want, and without any additional charges.

Nova Energy Rates

Nova Energy’s power prices vary depending on your address, the amount of power you use, and the plan you’re subscribed to.

Being on a fixed term plan means that you’ll pay less over a longer period. Shorter-term plans might charge you more, but it’s an affordable option if you don’t want to be tied up to something for too long.

Nova Energy Contact

Nova Energy, as a company, pride themselves on forward-thinking policies and good old fashioned customer service.

If Nova Energy’s power rates sound reasonable to you, it’s easy to make the switch over to them. Also, if you have any concerns with your connection they’re always more than happy to resolve this for you.

Nova Energy Plans NZ - Rates, Deals, Price

Home Advantage Plan

The Home Advantage plan is one of the two major plans that Nova Energy offers. This plan has the perk of $150 worth of credit and fixed pricing over a fixed-term plan. This is a great option for those who don’t mind committing to a power plan if it means enjoying the perks that come with it!

Home Freedom Plan

The Home Freedom Plan is Nova Energy’s no commitment offering, meaning you can enjoy reasonable prices without a contract. The advantage of this is that you’re free to leave anytime if you aren’t happy with their service.