Nova Energy Power Plans

Nova Energy company has been providing electricity to Kiwis for around 60 years. Because of their old-fashioned honest Kiwi service, they were recognised as the Retailer of the Year at the Deloitte Energy Awards as well as earned a Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award.

Apart from power, they also provide broadband and natural gas services. They operate with the goal of being an innovative and refreshing provider, with the mission of providing Kiwis with the customer service they deserve.

Nova Energy's energy plans are divided into two categories: Home Freedom and Home Advantage. Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, giving you the option of how to pay for power.

To know whether one of these plans is right for you, compare all of the NZ power companies against Nova Energy today at glimp!

nova energy plans nz

Why sign up with Nova Energy?

Nova Energy is a forward-thinking company that provides excellent service. Even after being a well-established energy company, they continue to innovate to ensure that Kiwis receive only the best in power.

They have two plans: the first is a fixed-term plan, which is ideal for those who want a long-term commitment without a lot of fuss. The second option is a no-contract plan, which gives Kiwis the freedom to leave whenever they want and without incurring any additional fees.

Solar excess payment

Residential Nova Energy customers who generate their own energy can receive payment for excess power generated or exported at an export buy-back rate of 7.4 cents per kWh (excluding GST).

This applies to all excess or exported domestic electricity generation generated by solar panels, wind turbines, and small hydro schemes rated up to 10kW.

Nova Energy Plans NZ - Rates, Deals, Price

Everyday Bundle

Electricity and natural gas can be combined with broadband in a single plan for $69 per month. This package includes a modem and unlimited ADSL/VDSL or Fibre with speeds of up to 100Mbps.

They also offer a $79 plan where you can bundle internet with power or just natural gas.

TV Bundle

When you bundle your broadband with electricity and/or gas, you can get an additional 43-inch TV for $89 per month for 24 months.

You can also upgrade to a 50-inch TV for $299 or a 65-inch TV for $799, both of which include a modem and unlimited ADSL/VDSL or Fibre up to 100Mbps.