Flick Electric Power Plans

As an independent power company based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington), Flick Electric Co. strives to be the voice of everyday Kiwis, offering fair and transparent electricity that allows residents to take charge of their own energy consumption. Flick Electric is responsible for powering up over 23,000 Kiwi homes and businesses.

Why sign up with Flick Electric?

As well as having plans that you can choose from that suit your power usage patterns, Flick’s Flat and Off Peak plans come with some other features to put the power back in your hands

Keep your power bills predictable with Flick’s Bill Smoother tool, by building up credit for when you need it most. Use Flick’s app to monitor prices, manage your usage, and keep an eye on the carbon emissions generated from your household’s electricity use. 

Ensure that you are on the correct plan for your usage patterns with their Flickin’ Best Plan Promise. Every 90 days they will look at the times of day you typically use power, calculate your variable kWh and fixed daily charge, and compare it against the rates of their Flat and Off Peak pricing plans. They’ll be able to tell you if your electricity usage data means that you’re on the best Flick plan for your household, or if there are savings to be made by changing to a different Flick Plan.  

And if you’re a grid-tied solar user, Flick’s on your side, too - you can sell your solar back to the grid at the variable wholesale rate, through their Home Generation scheme. While the average variable wholesale rate is high, it is a great time to make the most of Flicks unique solar offering.  They are the only retailer in Aotearoa to do this.

Flick Electric Plans NZ - Rates, Deals, Price

Flat Plan

A simple power deal where you pay a fixed rate all day and night. With a Flat plan, you’re free to use your power whenever you want, as you know the kWh price you’ll pay is the same, no matter the time or day of the week. It’s a simple and stress-free plan for people who don’t want to think about the best times to use their electricity.

Off-Peak Plan

This is a power deal more suited to users willing to adjust their electricity consumption in order to take advantage of the sweet savings available. Prices are 21% to 59% cheaper on average when you move your heavy use to off-peak hours in the day and at night under Flick’s Off-Peak power plan. Off peak hours are 11am to 5pm and 9pm to 7am weekdays and all weekend, except for Orion network customers in Christchurch where 11am to 5pm is not considered off peak.

The Off Peak plan is best for bargain-hunters and those who already use the bulk of their appliances during off-peak hours.