Slingshot Power NZ

Slingshot may have only begun supplying Kiwis with power in 2017, but they have been a trusted broadband provider for quite some time. They’re not a newbie when it comes to great customer service, as they have a wide customer base with thousands of customers throughout New Zealand. 

As they’re also a broadband provider, Slingshot NZ offer bundled services wherein you can save up to 10% off your base broadband plan and 10% off your power expenses! Instead of offering a prompt payment discount, Slingshot offer competitive but budget-friendly rates, so that Kiwis can get the most out of their broadband and electricity services.

Switching to Slingshot power is made easy with the help of glimp! Here at glimp, we’ll help you transfer to Slingshot hassle-free, so you don’t have to stress about switching providers.

Why sign up with Slingshot Power?

You get maximum convenience in paying for your broadband and power bills because you can manage your bills online when you encounter issues. Slingshot’s broadband deals have been well-received by Kiwis. Now, they’ve expanded their great performance to the energy industry. With Slingshot Power, you’ll enjoy great prices, great services and great bundle deals, no matter where you are in NZ.

Bill management online

You can easily manage your broadband and power bills online using your My Slingshot account. This can save you both time and effort, as you can. check your monthly consumption and balance anytime, anywhere!

Great customer service

Slingshot NZ power gives you great customer service that you can freely email or leave a message through live chats whenever you encounter issues and have queries. They have a dedicated team who’s willing to reach out whenever there’s a Kiwi in need for answers about Slingshot’s services. They’ll also provide you with assistance on how to manage your electricity and bills better!

No contracts or long-term commitments
Slingshot will not tie you down with any long term contracts, giving you completely flexibility with your power plan. It rarely happens, but if you’re unsatisfied with Slingshot, you can break away anytime without worrying about exit fees or penalties.

Slingshot NZ Power Plans NZ - Rates, Deals, Price

Low User

If your household has one or two people, and you’re consuming less than 8,000kWh yearly, then the Low User plan will work best for you. A Lower User plan works best when you spend less than $200 on your power bill, or if your home is well-insulated and energy efficient; meaning, you can maximise natural energy alongside electricity.

Standard User

If your household has more than two people, and you consume more than 8,000kWh each year, then the Standard User plan is the right choice for your home. It charges higher than a Low User in terms of daily rate, but the price per energy unit is lower.

Slingshot power prices

Slingshot charge out electricity costs with a fixed daily and variable usage charge. The fixed daily charge, expressed as cents per day, is computed by multiplying the fixed charge with the number of days during the billing period. The variable usage charge, expressed as kilowatt hours, is calculated by multiplying the power used over the period.