Genesis Energy Power Plans

Genesis Energy is one of the leading and largest energy providers in NZ with over 650,000 customer base nationwide. They retail electricity and gas through their main retail brands namely Genesis and Energy Online. 

To give customers reliable and affordable services, they generate electricity from a varied portfolio of thermal and renewable properties in many parts of the country. Additionally, Genesis has a 46% in the Kupe Joint Venture, which owns and supports the Kupe Oil and Gas Field offshore of Taranaki, NZ. 

Genesis Energy is only one of the many power retailers across the country, so it can seem a little daunting to choose one. This is why glimp’s online comparison tool was created; so you can compare electricity prices in NZ with ease.

Why Sign Up With Genesis Energy?

Genesis Energy also offers exclusive perks for their customers. Upon sign up, you can already enjoy up to 11% off on your monthly bill, fuel deals, and joining and bonus credits when you bundle up your plans! It's best to opt for bundled utilities with Genesis Energy for a consolidated monthly bill, and bigger savings.

Genesis Energy Rates

Electricity pricing with Genesis Energy is based on two main factors. One is your current address and the number of occupants at your place. You can choose between their Low and Standard User rates to determine which Genesis Energy Plan is the right one for you.

Genesis Energy Free Power

Genesis Power Shout is a ‘thank-you’ perk for signing up with Genesis Energy. This gives you the power to customise your free electricity to whatever time suits you. No more worries about the spike in costs as the total power usage will be credited back to you on your next invoice.

Genesis Energy NZ Residential Pricing Plans

Energy Basic: Looking for the most budget-friendly option?

Genesis Energy Basic delivers lower energy rates, perfect for those with predictable usage and a cost-conscious mindset.

  • This is the most affordable plan with a focus on providing lower energy rates.
  • It's a good option for those who are budget-conscious and have predictable energy usage.

Energy Plus: Want more control over your energy bill?

Genesis Energy Plus goes beyond basic rates, offering discounts and rewards programs to help you further reduce energy costs.

  • This plan offers more choice and flexibility compared to the Basic plan.
  • You'll get access to discounts and rewards programs, potentially lowering your overall energy costs.

Energy EV: Drive electric and save even more!

Genesis Energy EV is specifically designed for electric vehicle owners, with significant savings during off-peak charging hours. Power up your EV and your savings with Genesis. (Note: Eligibility requirements may apply).

  • This plan is designed specifically for electric vehicle (EV) owners.
  • It offers significant savings on electricity during off-peak hours (typically night) when EV charging is most efficient.

Variable charges differ based on the type of meter you have which includes the following: 

  • Anytime Rate covers the supply of electricity at the same price 24 hours a day.
  • Controlled Rate covers selected appliances that are permanently wired to a separate meter like a hot water cylinder.
  • Composite Rate covers controlled rates where electricity is supplied via a single meter.
  • Day/Night Rate covers usage for day (7AM to 11PM) and night (11PM to 7AM) of customers who use an above-average amount of electricity.
  • Night Only covers the supply of electricity to a separately metered appliance that is used only at night, e.g. a night storage heater. Typically this will be for an 8 hour periodbetween 11PM and 7AM.
  • Night Plus/Night Boost covers the supply of electricity to a separately metered appliance that’s used only at night, such as a night storage heater between 11PM and 7AM.
  • Triple Booster covers electricity supply to 3-register meters with consumption of more than 25,000kWh per year. Triple Saver has different rates at night between 11PM to 7AM, peak between 7AM to 11AM and 5PM to 9PM, and its off-peak times are between 11AM to 5PM and 9PM to 11PM.
  • Day/Night (controlled) covers a controlled supply of electricity to selected appliances that are permanently wired to a separate meter. Rates vary during daytime (8AM - 12AM) and night (12AM - 8AM).