ANZ Personal Loans NZ

As the name suggests, ANZ is an Australian and New Zealand operating bank and is currently the largest bank currently operating in New Zealand. It was established in 1840 and is now a subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. Personal loans from the ANZ loans department are many and varied, giving you a good selection of product options to choose from when browsing ANZ’s catalogue. If you’re not 100% sure about which loan provider you want to commit to, you can use the ANZ personal loan calculator or visit glimp to compare personal loans from providers all around NZ - so dive right in.

anz personal loans

Why Get a Loan From ANZ?

Navigating loan companies in NZ can be quite difficult, especially given the amount of choice and different options available to you. ANZ personal loans are a simple, customisable system wherein you get to do the thing you really want or need to do, then worry about the financials later - the way it should be. From car loans to weddings and special event loans, ANZ has you covered. Still unsure as to which loan company is the perfect fit for you? No worries. Compare them now with glimp - it’s our job to make sure you’re making the most informed and beneficial purchase decisions possible so that you’re not out of pocket when it’s most important.

ANZ Interest Rates

ANZ interest rates make it simple and easy to get an ANZ loan. ANZ has a fixed and reasonable personal loan interest rate, sitting pretty at 13.9%. This is for sure at the low end of what New Zealand loan providers have on offer, meaning you’re getting everything you need under one low rate. Still unsure about your loan? Use glimp to compare providers now.

Types of ANZ Personal Loans NZ - Interest Rates & Calculator

Debt Consolidation Loans

Getting your debt consolidation in order can be a stressful time, which is why ANZ lets you roll all of your separate debts up into one simplified loan. ANZ debt consolidation is simple and straightforward - just sign up, get approved and pay off what you may owe in total

ANZ Car Loans

ANZ car loans are a great solution when you’re short on cash and need to update or repair your vehicle. ANZ offer reasonably priced loans so that you can apply for a loan, get approved and drive away in your beloved car, all within the shortest possible time frame.

ANZ Home Renovation Loans

When you really need that job you’ve been putting off done, ANZ has you covered. No one should have to perpetually live in a house that needs fixing up, and this is your opportunity to do it - with one of ANZ’s home renovation loans. Time to get your house ship-shape.

ANZ Travel Loans

Whether you travel often for work or just feel like you need to get away for a while, ANZ can facilitate with a comprehensive, tailor-made travel loan. Want to head off now, without having to worry about financials right away? ANZ’s travel loans could be for you.

ANZ Wedding and Special Event Loans

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, which means you don’t want to have to be bogged down in the financial side of things when the day finally rolls around. With ANZ wedding and special event loans, you’ll be able to deliver above and beyond for the events that mean a lot to you.