QuickLoans is one of New Zealand's first 100% online lending outlets since 2003 that offers different types of loans ranging from personal, car, debt consolidation, second mortgages, and small loans for individual needs. They make personal loans simple and easy for Kiwis throughout NZ. From the name itself, taking out a loan becomes convenient through online applications that can only take five minutes to process. Their smart lending solutions aim to help customers who need funds for any of their personal requirements. 

If you’re interested in taking out a loan for buying a car, travel or financing a long-term project, you may apply with QuickLoans Personal Loans and know more about your options. You can also visit glimp and compare personal loan offers that best fit your preference.

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Why choose QuickLoans NZ?

QuickLoans has been serving Kiwis for the last 15 years. They maintain a good standard of products and services without compromising time and quality. QuickLoans is not a bank, and therefore can process multiple applications in a day. They also make sure to provide the best customer service for concerns and other inquiries with regard to repayments and other terms and conditions. With QuickLoans, Kiwis can finance their needs whenever and wherever they are.

Digital Signature Service

QuickLoans embraces tech developments to give Kiwis fast and reliable services from start to finish. As an online lending provider, they focus on using digital platforms for efficient transactions. To make things simple, QuickLoans offer the “Digital Signature” service where customers can simply attach their signature using their phone or tablet without having to get out of their house. It’s a smart way to save time, money and energy while still being productive.

Fast application process

QuickLoans assures a one-day application process from submitting an online form to approving the loan application. They guarantee a 60-minute assessment by one of their qualified agents and confirm with you about your personal loan. Once set, you can receive the amount on the same day into your chosen bank account.

QuickLoans NZ Personal Loan Offers - Interest Rates & Calculator

A personal loan is not the same as other types of loans. When you specify with QuickLoans about taking out a personal loan, it may be used for particular circumstances only: 

  • Urgent school fee
  • Credit card bills
  • Major home repair
  • Moving costs
  • Car break-downs
  • Holidays and weekend travels 
  • New car purchases 
  • Medical bills 

These are some examples where you can take out a personal loan without incurring a high interest rate. When you declare urgent matters on payment and other of your financial demands, QuickLoans can help you by considering a personal loan. 

You can borrow from $1,000 up to $20,000 with QuickLoans and select how you want to make repayments.