Heartland Bank Personal Loans NZ

Heartland Bank is a bank operating in New Zealand and Australia and was founded in 2011 - a relatively young bank by national standards. This bank specialises in motor vehicle loans, reverse mortgages, small business finance, livestock finance, savings, investments and deposits - an impressive portfolio for such a recent startup. Heartland Bank NZ personal loans are ideal for farmers and livestock traders, as most other banks do not specialise in such things. Still unsure as to whether a Heartland Bank loan is right for you? Compare them against all leading loan providers currently operating in New Zealand using glimp’s own personal loan calculator.

heartland bank personal loans

Why Get a Loan From Heartland Bank?

Heartland Bank is unique as a loan provider compared to other loan companies in NZ because it specialises in rural loan areas such as vehicles and livestock. If you’re a farmer or other worker who runs a business based off of and reliant on these things, Heartland Bank is a great option for your personal loan requirements. Thinking of getting a loan from Heartland Bank NZ, but not quite sure if this loan provider is right for you? At glimp, it's our show to show you fair, side by side comparisons between New Zealand’s leading loan providers so you can make a beneficial and informed purchase decision every time.

Heartland Bank Interest Rates

At Heartland Bank, interest rates can get very high or incredibly low depending on a number of factors at play in your financial situation. Depending on your income, other financial commitments, the term of your loan and the amount of money you want to borrow, your Heartland Bank interest rates could be anywhere between 9.75% at the low end and 29.95% at the top end.

Types of Heartland Bank Personal Loans NZ - Interest Rates & Calculator

Heartland Bank Unsecured Personal Loans

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Heartland Bank Car Loans

Heartland Bank car loans are perfect when you just can’t wait to get that new ride, or your trusty vehicle is in urgent need of some serious TLC. Heartland offers interest rates from 8.95% for car loans, meaning you’ll be getting back on the road before you know it.