Westpac Personal Loans

Compare Westpac Personal Loan Interest Rates and Find the Best Deal Today!

Founded back in 1817 as the Bank of New South Wales, Westpac has since grown over its 200 year history, offering personal loans and different services to over 14 million customers across Australia and New Zealand. Westpac personal loans are quite varied, giving its customers plenty of options based on their credit history and their preferred loan term.

Nonetheless, you can also compare how they fare in terms of ongoing fees, loan terms, financial products, and even things like extra repayments when you compare Westpac’s personal loans using glimp. Simply enter a few details and we’ll show you how they fare with New Zealand’s other loan providers like Finance Now, TSB, Avanti Finance, and more, letting you make a more informed decision.

Use our Westpac personal loan calculator if you need to seek advice online in order to figure out the best personal loans for you.

Why choose Westpac Personal Loans?

Westpac offers interest rates as low as 13.49% per annum, so you’re not really breaking the bank for borrowing money in the form of a loan that you need for a big expense. They also take great care to make the loan terms easy to grasp for Westpac customers, keeping everything simple and straight to the point.

Additional Benefits of Westpac Personal Loans:

  • Standard loan terms starting at 6 months up to 5 years
  • No additional fees for additional or lump sum payments
  • Can borrow up to $50,000 or more depending on your circumstances
  • Flexible repayment options, giving customers options for their monthly repayment

For a more informed choice, you can use the Westpac Loan Calculator when applying for a personal loan.

Types of Westpac Personal Loans

Westpac Debt Consolidation Loans

Westpac debt consolidation is quite competitive, even when compared to other NZ personal loan companies. This allows you to combine multiple debts into a single loan to better manage your repayment amount.

Westpac EV Loan

Do you consider yourself an environmentally-conscious consumer? Are you looking to reduce your overall carbon footprint while having a convenient way of getting around? In this case, you can say hello to Westpac’s EV loan. In addition to its low 6.99% interest p.a., using the money for an electric car purchase can even qualify you for the Clean Car Discount scheme, letting you get a rebate of up to NZ $7,500!

Westpac Home Renovation Loans

Get your living space in tip-top shape for any occasion with the help of Westpac Home Renovation Loans. Boost your renovation budget with the right home loans for the perfect space without worrying about extra repayments for paying back a lump sum with Westpac!

Westpac Medical Loans

In cases of medical emergencies, know that you can always get the money you need with Westpac Medical Loans. You can apply for additional funds anytime while still keeping the manageable Westpac personal loan interest rates for the money you borrowed.

Westpac Car Loans

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned motorist looking to get a new ride, Westpac car loans have you covered. You can  borrow money up to $50,000 for a used car purchase or even more depending on your circumstances such as your regular income.

Westpac Boat Loans

Looking to depart on an adventure over the sea? Whether you wish to buy a new fishing boat or repair or refurbish an old one, Westpac boat loans can help you get to the water fast. They can give you a personalised interest rate and flexible repayment options depending on your circumstances.

Westpac Travel Loans

Enjoy and make the most of your travels domestically or overseas with a travel loan from Westpac! Apply online and get a good interest rate and minimal ongoing fees so you can enjoy your next adventure!

Westpac Unsecured Personal Loans

Get the freedom to borrow money without giving up your assets (like a car or a boat) as collateral should things go south. Leverage factual information like your good financial situation and regular income in order to secure an unsecured personal loan from Westpac!