All About Finance Now Personal Loans

Founded back in 2000, Finance Now offers a host of retail products, business loans, and personal loans. Finance Now’s personal loans can be used for different things like debt consolidation, home improvement, travel, and more. Finance Now’s interest rates start at 12.95%, making it good value for money right out of the gate.

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Why Should I Get a Loan From Finance Now NZ?

As a well-established and trusted finance company, Finance Now NZ has successfully helped thousands of New Zealand residents with their personal finance application and needs. Finance Now’s personal loans are usually used to help with big box and retail items like new appliances or entertainment systems.

It’s easy to start since you can apply online. Simply visit Finance Now’s website to start discussing the term of the loan as well as all the other details in order to start the process. If you need more information regarding the payment amounts and the other terms of your loan, you can also try Finance Now’s personal loan calculator.

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Finance Now Interest Rates

When borrowing large amounts of money, it’s best to think about your interest rates in advance. Because while it may appear inconsequential, these interest rates eventually add up if you’re not careful. Finance Now interest rates start at 12.95% reaching all the way to 29.95% depending on the loan amount, your income, your loan terms, and other factors.

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Types of Personal Loans from Finance Now Ltd.

Finance Now Debt Consolidation Loans

Finance Now offers great debt consolidation loans, including a pre-qualified debt consolidation loan amount of up to $4,500. This allows you to shift to more flexible payment terms, making it easier to meet your weekly payments. Consolidate your debt with Finance Now today and streamline your loan repayments.

Finance Now Secured Personal Loans

Finance Now’s secured loans will require you to put down collateral as security but it does result in better interest rates payable over the term. Their terms start at 12.95% up to 24.9%, allowing you to focus on using your money for the things that matter.

Finance Now Home Improvement Loans

Finance Now can help you secure the essential components to improve your home and your life. In this case, Finance Now’s home improvement loans can be very beneficial in patching up holes in the wall, fixing up the patio, and repainting the kid’s rooms.

Finance Now Unsecured Personal Loans

Look no further than Finance Now, if you’re looking for some of the most competitive unsecured personal loans in NZ. With interest rates ranging from 16.95% to 29.95% depending on what they find when they assess applications as well as Finance Now’s normal lending criteria, you can be sure that your loan is competitive. This also makes Finance Now’s unsecured loans a good option for those unwilling to offer their assets as collateral.

Finance Now Marine Loans

Thinking of buying a new boat? Focus on finding the best ride and gear from the best brands and builders with the help of Finance Now marine loans. Their personal loans are catered toward helping you get back on the water as fast as possible and worrying about the details later.

Finance Now Holiday Loans

Need a break from your hectic work schedule? Finance Now can help with their comprehensive travel loans with flexible payment terms, letting you enjoy your well-deserved break while enjoying reasonable interest rates.