Fidelity Life Insurance

Founded in 1973 by Gordon Watson and his wife Shirley, Fidelity Life NZ designed a range of insurance products that’s  tailored to Kiwi needs through and through. Fidelity positions themselves as a progressive company investing in the future with the help of technology. They’ve designated a strong management team in place, and their experienced tribe of 250 people are well-versed in helping people with their insurance needs.

Fidelity Life Insurance works with independent financial advisers to help demystify the insurance process, helping you navigate the important terms without confusion. Fidelity Life Rating are also an A-, indicating excellent financial strength from A.M Best, so you can rest assured in their ability to pay claims.

fidelity life insurance nz

Why choose Fidelity Life NZ?

Having life insurance can be really handy in the event life throws something completely unexpected. Fidelity Life Insurance strives to make it easy for Kiwis to understand their policy, with a customer service team that works with you and your claim. They can help you work with Fidelity to adjust your cover accordingly. In the case of life insurance, you can choose to set if they’ll be paying out a lump sum or monthly payments, depending on which terms you prefer.

Fidelity Life Insurance NZ

Having a good life insurance policy in place can help with the financial pressure your loved ones encounter even when you’re no longer around. Fidelity Life Assurance can support your family in a number of ways, even as your life circumstances change. With the following benefits, Fidelity is confident that you’ll enjoy their life insurance cover:

  • Early payout in the event you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Increase your cover in case an event occurs that increases your financial responsibilities.
  • Take a payment break and suspend your cover in case you’re made redundant or your situation changes that you’re unable to pay right away.

The funds you receive from Fidelity Life NZ can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Payment for debt like mortgages
  • Payout to help a business stay afloat financially
  • Taking care of any loved ones you may be leaving behind