ANZ Life Insurance

ANZ Life Insurance offers smart solutions for car, contents, boat, travel and life insurance that can be accessed with their easy-to-use online platform. They provide insurance benefits you can use in case of illness, injury or death. Their Life & Living insurance option can help you and your family with financial obligations such as house or personal bills and other expenses like your child’s education without worries. 

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Why choose ANZ Life Insurance?

ANZ Life Insurance helps you with financial obligations when you encounter accidents, critical illness, or an untimely death. When you sign up with their life and living insurance, you're confident that your family will be taken care of when you no longer can. They let you choose the coverage you need plus optional benefits if you need it. You can also get an accurate estimate when you use ANZ’s Life Insurance calculator.

Types of ANZ Life Insurance Cover

Life Cover

For unexpected death or when you're diagnosed with a terminal illness, you're provided a lump-sum payment to pay off debt, living expenses including funeral costs for up to $10,000 in advance, saving your family from the financial stress of funeral-related expenses.

Critical Illness

This gives you and your beneficiaries financial protection of up to $200,000 when you're diagnosed with one of 12 major illnesses enumerated in the ANZ Life Insurance Policy Document.

Optional Living Expense Cover

When you decide to get ANZ Life Insurance, you have the option to get a combination of insurance policies they offer. There are Living Expenses and Redundant Insurance covers where you can secure for your debts, mortgage, and other expenses due to loss of income because of serious illness, injury or accidents. They will pay you up to $4,000 monthly for 24 months with a Living Expense Cover and the same amount for 180 days with a Redundancy Life Cover — enough to allow you to follow through your career.