Southern Cross Life Insurance

Southern Cross is New Zealand’s leading health insurer, boasting over 870,000 members in its network. It was established as a means to provide Kiwis with a private healthcare option that they can rely on for immediate treatment. They launched Southern Cross Life Insurance back in 2016, providing excellent end-of-life cover to complement their suite of health insurance options.

Southern Cross Insurance combines its experience with a not-for-profit approach, allowing them to play an important role in NZ’s health sector. They were founded in 1961 with this approach in mind. 60 years later, they’ve built a reputation as one of NZ’s most trusted brands.

southern cross life insurance nz

Why choose Southern Cross Life Insurance in NZ?

Life Insurance is meant to serve as a safety net for your family if you pass away. Southern Cross Life Insurance pays out a lump sum to your family, helping them cope with the expenses. The sum paid out can be used for:

  • Covering funeral costs
  • Paying off debt and mortgage
  • Paying bills, credit cards, and other living expenses
  • Paying for college costs
  • For your partner’s retirement needs

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Southern Cross provides cover for up to $1 million at the time of death. They provide early payout in case you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and provisions for Accidental Death Cover at the time of application.

Increase your Life Insurance Cover!

You can increase your cover up to 25% if  there are any life events that may increase your financial responsibility such as marriage, promotion, expecting or adopting a kid, or a mortgage. You can also get an Advanced Funeral Benefit for up to $15,000!

Get special sign-up discounts with Southern Cross Life Insurance NZ!

As a member of Southern Cross Life Insurance, you are entitled to receive special benefits:

  • 10% off your life insurance base premium
  • Extra 10% “healthy living” discount off your already discounted premium should you qualify