Partners Life Insurance

With many strong partnerships built over time with their customers and many industry professionals, Partners Life Insurance has evolved from a humble startup back in 2011, to one of the industry’s leading life and health insurance providers in NZ. Partners Life is proud of its Kiwi heritage, being a 100% New Zealand-operated company which means all profits stay in the country. Partners Life Insurance rating is also at a strong A-, ensuring a stable financial future for the insurer.

With their focus on protecting Kiwis’ health and encouraging them to take on a healthier lifestyle, their insurance policies are geared towards helping Kiwis make and receive their claims easily. You can trust Partners Life to deliver on their products, whether you’re looking for health, income protection, or life insurance.

partners life insurance nz

Why choose Partners Life Insurance in NZ?

Partners Life Insurance is committed to paying out all genuine claims without the hassle. It’s proud to have paid over $328 million in claims since their inception. They opt not to offer any online quotations. Instead, they offer to connect you with an independent adviser, in order to ensure that you’re getting the right kind of insurance for your needs.

With an adviser, you can:

  • Get a free, no-strings-attached consultation in order to determine your needs.
  • Receive independent advice about all insurance providers and their costs.
  • Ensures you’re getting the insurance that best fits your specifications.
  • Ensures you only pay premiums on the benefits that you need.

Partners Life Insurance NZ

Partners Life Insurance takes note of NZ’s status as being among the ‘least-insured nations’ in the developed world. It’s often difficult to envision something terrible happening to us, such as falling seriously ill, or worse, passing away unexpectedly. When these occur, it can put a financial strain on our families and loved ones.

Partners Life Insurance can help you prepare for these things better, providing your family with a good financial safety net and it’s not really worth waiting until you absolutely need it. 

Life Cover, Life Income Cover, and Terminal Illness Cover

This cover type pays out in the event you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness or if you pass away. Both Partners Life Terminal Illness and Life Covers pay off a lump sum in the event of your passing or when you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness while the Life Income Cover pays out via monthly regular benefits for a set number of years, covering the income that was lost in your passing.