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Founded in 1996, Slingshot are an unique provider that services all regions of NZ. Although they’re primarily a broadband company - the third-largest in New Zealand - they also provide mobile and power services too.

With Slingshot NZ, Kiwis are able to easily combine all of their utilities - internet, power and mobile - into one easy to manage monthly bill.

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Slingshot broadband plans nz

Why Sign Up With Slingshot?

Slingshot is an all-round great provider, as they can provide all your utilities in the one place, including Slingshot modems under some deals. They offer several fantastic broadband options that propose great value to a range of internet users.

Slingshot broadband plans are perfect for those who want to sign up for an affordable internet and mobile plan at the same time. For each mobile plan you have signed up, Slingshot deducts $5 from your internet bill every month, so great value for money is no question with Slingshot!

Is Slingshot the Best Mobile Provider For You?

It depends. If you’re a student moving away from home, you would do well to bundle together your internet, mobile, and power bills into one neat package. With Slingshot broadband plans, your life can be a lot simpler, as you don’t have to worry about paying multiple bills to different providers.

However, this may not be suitable if you already have an internet plan and are just looking for a mobile plan. While Slingshot NZ offer a range of mobile plan options, you can save more when purchased together with an internet plan.

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Types of Slingshot Broadband NZ Deals, Plans

Slingshot Fibre Broadband Plans

If you have fibre available in your area, it’s highly recommended to get a fibre broadband plan. The speeds that it can offer are much faster than if you’re going to get ADSL or VDSL. For Slingshot NZ, they have fibre broadband plans from as low as $70! It can offer you average speeds of 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.

Slingshot Naked Broadband Plans

Slingshot internet plans also come naked! This simply means that you can get a broadband-only plan without an additional landline. This is perfect for Kiwis who use their mobile phones when communicating with their friends and families.

Slingshot Landline Broadband Plans

Even if landlines are becoming less popular in New Zealand because of mobile phones, it’s still useful for a lot of Kiwi households. If you’re someone who finds this as a necessity, you can purchase it together with your broadband plan for as low as $5 per month with Slingshot.

Slingshot Unlimited Broadband Plans

High-speed internet shouldn’t be limited by a data cap! Slingshot internet plans give you the option to go unlimited, which means that you never have to worry about your broadband running out of bandwidth ever again. This is perfect for Kiwis living in large flats or households, who have a lot of occupants that regularly use the internet.

No Contract Broadband Plans

For a Kiwi who’s always on the go, no contract broadband plans are perfect. You won’t be tied down with a contract, so you won’t have to stay with a service that you aren’t happy with. Slingshot NZ gives you the option to have no contract in their internet plans. Just give them a 30-days notice for them to cancel your connection.

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