The Best 2Degrees Broadband Plans and Deals 2023

2degrees has been one of the top broadband providers in NZ ever since it launched in the early 2000s. It's currently majority owned by Voyage Australia Pty Limited, a global network company and data powerhouse.

Today, it's the fifth largest NZ broadband provider, offering thousands of New Zealanders mobile, rural, fibre, and wireless broadband plans.

If you're considering joining 2degrees Broadband, you can read our 2degrees review for feedback from their customers or use Glimp's tool to compare broadband and find the best deals today!

See the Top 2degrees Broadband Deals for June 2023:

36 Best 2degrees Broadband Deals and Plans Compared (2023)

2degrees offers almost every internet plan you might need, including wireless, fibre, and rural home broadband.

Most plans have two options: an open or a fixed 12-month contract.

The fixed 12-month contract comes with lots of benefits, including:

  • Free Installation
  • Free modem rental for the duration of the contract (+ NZ $15 shipping fee)
  • Additional discounts and promotions (Amazon Prime Video subscription for $10.99 per month and Prezzy gift card)

However, the 12-month contract comes with early exit fees of up to NZ $199.

On the other hand, open contracts don't charge you if you decide to cancel, but they lack most of the benefits and features of a fixed contract. For example, with an open contract, you'll be charged for installation and the modem, depending on your broadband plan.

Here's a breakdown of 2degrees' best internet plans according to the type of broadband:

2degrees Wireless Broadband Plans

If you're not a wiring fan or don't want to wait for a technician to install your broadband, you should check out 2Degrees' wireless broadband plans. They operate on 4G and 5G networks, which can be extremely fast depending on the coverage in your area.

All 2degrees wireless broadband plans come with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. This allows you to test the mobile network coverage in your location for 30 days under a "Pay Monthly Plan".

If you're not satisfied by then, they'll give you your money back. Otherwise, the plan will auto-renew.

Here are the best 2degrees wireless broadband plans to check out:

300GB Wireless 4G plan

The 300GB plan is the most basic 2Degrees wireless plan you can opt for if you don't need much data. It comes with a 300 GB data cap and 4G and roughly 36 Mbps download speeds, although they don't specify an exact number.

This 4G wireless plan costs NZ $55/month and doesn't require any installation whatsoever. It's available in both open and fixed 12-month contacts.

Unlimited Wireless 4G Plan

The unlimited wireless 4G plan is better if you have excellent network coverage and want to go online without worrying about a data cap.

It offers the same 4G download speeds as the 300GB plan (around 36 Mbps) but costs NZ $60/month.

For only NZ $5 more, it might be worth the cost. However, this plan only comes with a 12-month fixed contract option.

Unlimited Wireless 5G

The 5G connection is the fastest wireless broadband in New Zealand today. However, it's only available in select locations with limited coverage.

Right now, 2degrees Unlimited Wireless 5G Plan is available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. It gives you 5G download speeds of around 250 Mbps and costs only NZ $79/month.

The unlimited 5G plan has a 12-month fixed contract only.

2degrees Fibre Broadband Plans

2degrees offers one of the best fibre broadband deals in New Zealand. It comes with regular, ultrafast, and max fibre connections of up to 880 Mbps speeds!

With fibre broadband connections, you don't have to worry about network availability in your area. As long as you have the proper fibre infrastructure, you're good to go! You can use Glimp's Fibre Availability Checker to see if you can get fibre.

Fibre Starter Plan

This basic starter plan is perfect for browsing online, streaming in HD/4K, and gaming. It offers a reliable internet connection with unlimited downloads and up to 50/10 Mbps speeds.

2degrees' fibre starter plan costs NZ $50/month and is available in fixed and open contracts.

Unlimited Fibre Plan

If 50 Mbps isn't fast enough for your streaming, gaming, or downloads, check out the unlimited fibre plan. It gives you ultrafast download/upload speeds of up to 299/108 Mbps for only NZ $75/month.

You can choose between open and 12-month contracts, but with the fixed contract, you get an NZ $100 Prezzy gift card and a free 6-month subscription to Amazon Prime Video. After the initial six-month free period, customers will be responsible for maintaining and paying for the subscription service of $10.99 per month.

Ultimate Unlimited Fibre Plan

The Ultimate Unlimited Plan is the fastest 2degrees broadband option you can find. It gives you average speeds of up to 883/498 Mbps, which is more than perfect for heavy online gaming, live streaming in 4k, and much more!

This plan costs NZ $80/month and has fixed and open contract options. With the 12-month contract, you get the same NZ $100 Prezzy gift card and a free 6-month subscription to Prime Video as the last plan.

2degrees Rural Broadband Plan

2degrees is a reliable rural wireless broadband provider in NZ, offering a strong, stable 4G internet connection in these areas.

The 170GB Rural Wireless 4G plan offers 4G download speeds of around 36 Mbps but can vary depending on your coverage. However, it has a 170GB data cap and no alternative unlimited plan. You'll have to pay for the extra data if you surpass the data limit.

The rural plan costs NZ $85/month.

2degrees' Optional Add-ons and Discounts

2degrees offers several add-ons and discounts for new customers. For example, you can add a home phone line to your monthly plans for an extra NZ $15 per month.

Also, if you own a 2degrees mobile plan, you can use your 2degrees account number to get NZ $10 off your monthly broadband plan.

Is 2degrees Broadband the Best Choice For You?

Your location and whether you prefer traditional fibre wiring or a wireless broadband connection can determine if 2degrees is the right solution for you.

It has excellent 4G and 5G network coverage and access to most fibre infrastructure areas to provide a strong, reliable internet connection.

2degrees also offers great deals for cheap unlimited broadband in NZ, discounts, promotional gift cards, and free subscriptions. But these perks only come with a fixed contract. You should check other providers if you want to sign up for open or no-contract broadband in NZ.

2Degrees also has an excellent customer care team available seven days a week. You can call them or log into your 2Degrees account for tech support.

2degrees Broadband Plans FAQ

How Fast Is 2degrees Broadband?

2degrees' wireless internet speed depends on your coverage, but you can expect 4G speeds of around 36 Mbps and 5G speeds of about 250 Mbps. Fibre broadband speed can reach up to 880 Mbps! You can use our internet speed test to check your broadband performance.

Does 2degrees Offer Mobile Plans?

Yes, 2degrees offers Prepay Plans (prepaid mobile plans) starting from as little as NZ $10/month.

How much is the termination fee for 2 degrees broadband?

If you cancel your plan before the term is over, you will have to pay an early termination charge of up to $199. You also need to return your modem to 2degrees when you cancel your plan, or you will have to pay $699. You must give 2degrees 30 days’ written notice before you cancel any service, or you will have to pay 30% of the early termination fee. SolarZero can help you switch to their service by paying your early termination fees with your power retailer and your broadband supplier, up to a total of $350.

How fast is 2 degrees Hyperfibre?

2degrees broadband has introduced Hyperfibre, a new service that delivers ultra-fast speeds of 2 Gbps and 4 Gbps. With Hyperfibre plans, customers can enjoy a superior broadband experience with 2Gbps and 4Gbps options.

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I'm so happy I asked Glimp for help, to find a service provider that suits our family's budget, without losing quality and unlimited data on both our mobile phones and broadband. Mele Falahola is a Comparison Specialist from Glimp and she was amazing from the beginning. Mele located the right service provider for our needs that will save us money!, fulfil our usage and more! compared to what we were using. My wife and I even asked for a comparison on our electricity bill. Mele responded immediately once she saw our monthly bills and compared it to another provider that not only do not required a contract to stick too (like the mobile and broadband provider Mele recommended) but their price per kWh was so much better! Which is why we changed that also. Thank you Mele and Glimp for your help. We can now look forward to our Christmas holiday in the Cook Islands from what we can now save. :-)