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Sky Broadband is readily available for both Sky TV subscribers and non-subscribers. Their bundled plans allow subscribers to save even more on their utilities and services. In this case, Sky’s broadband offer is bundled with its satellite Sky TV service.

Sky Broadband has two main fibre plans: Lightning Fast WiFi and WiFi 100, both available on 12-month contracts. Lightning Fast WiFi is ultra fast, providing an average of 900Mbps download speeds and average upload speeds of 400Mbps.

On the other hand, WiFi 100 offers an average download speed of 100Mbps and 20Mbps download speeds. However, the company has also stated that they would be upgrading this plan to an average download speed of 300Mbps and average upload speeds of 100Mbps.

sky broadband plans nz

Benefits of Sky Broadband

  • Hassle-free Set-Up - Sky Broadband offers a quick and hassle-free set-up, even allowing you the option to DIY the process. Simply follow their set-up guides and online videos and you should be able to tackle the installation process in no time!
  • Super Set-Up Technicians -Sky’s Super Set Up Technicians can set up your WiFi, letting it work from the lounge room to the throne room. They’ll even use Sky WiFi Boosters if necessary and will even help connect your devices and personalize your Sky Broadband network name and password for your convenience.
  • Trusted Local Service - Need help? Simply call Sky Broadband’s friendly local call centre for help and they’ll gladly deliver while maintaining a high quality service.
  • Latest WiFi6 Tech - Sky Broadband connects you using the latest tech, ensuring that their routers are strong enough to cover large areas, with the addition of their Sky WiFi Boosters helping boost the connection for even larger homes.
  • Home Phone Plans Available - Sky even offers a competitive Home Phone plan, allowing you to even bring your existing home number to Sky if you wish to retain it.

Compare Broadband Plans in NZ

Try out Sky Broadband’s bundle plans today and see how it fares compared to other providers using glimp!

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