Sky Broadband Plans and Deals NZ Compared (2023)

Sky started as New Zealand's leading satellite TV company and became one of the top broadband providers in NZ in just a few years.

Millions of Kiwis enjoy Sky entertainment services, awesome sports and movie channels, and now, Sky Broadband. The company offers bundled plans that give you lightning-fast internet speed and entertainment features while saving money!

If you're considering Sky broadband, use Glimp's broadband comparison tool to find the best deals today!

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Sky Broadband NZ Plans Overview

Sky is a highly popular New Zealand fibre broadband provider, a type of infrastructure that provides the best coverage.

If you're unsure, use Glimp's Fibre Availability Checker to see if you can get fibre.

Sky offers two broadband services: Broadband Only and Broadband with Sky TV. Each has its unique pricing, benefits, discounts, and promotional offers.

Sky's broadband service also comes with :

  • fixed 12-month contract with early exit fees ranging from NZ $10 to NZ $149.99
  • Their latest-tech Sky WiFi 6 router (you can use your own router if you'd like)
  • An optional home phone line for an extra NZ $10/month
  • Unlimited lightning-fast fibre

Sky Fibre Broadband Plans

You can choose between the Broadband Only and Broadband + Sky TV plans. Both offer the same broadband services, but the Sky TV bundles provide additional features, promotions, and offers at different price tags.

Sky TV subscriptions typically cost NZ $25.99/month and give you access to:

  • Their newly upgraded Sky Go phone app
  • Sky Starter Features such as Sky Super Rugby Aotearoa, Sky Movies, and Sky Sport
  • Their new Investigation Discovery channel

You can always migrate to the Sky Broadband Only plans if you no longer need Sky TV or any on-demand entertainment services.

Here's a breakdown of all the Sky Broadband Plans:

Fibre Starter Plan

The Fibre Starter plan is the most basic Sky broadband with download/upload speeds of up to 50/10 Mbps. Its high-quality network connection is ideal for all daily needs. You can stream music and videos, browse online, send emails, use your favourite apps, and make video calls.

The Fibre Starter Plan costs NZ $60/month; if you add Sky TV, it'll cost NZ $85.99/month.

Fibre Everyday Plan

The Fibre Everyday Plan is perfect for medium-sized households with 2-5 devices connecting to the internet daily. It supports 4k streaming, online gaming, and large-file downloads with average speeds of 300/100 Mbps.

The Fibre Everyday Plan costs NZ $85/month, and when you sign up for a 12-month contract, you get NZ $100 credit upfront.

The Fibre Everyday + Sky TV Plan costs NZ $100.99/month and saves you NZ $10/month off the broadband plan.

Fibre Pro Plan

The Fibre Pro plan is Sky's fastest broadband plan with average speeds of 865/497 Mbps. This account is perfect for large households, heavy multiplayer online gaming, and more!

Sky's Fibre Pro plan costs NZ $105/month, and when you sign up for a 12-month contract, you get NZ $250 credit upfront.

The Fibre Pro + Sky TV plan costs NZ $110.99/month and saves you NZ $20/month. So, you're getting the Sky TV subscription for just NZ $5.99!

Sky Broadband's Optional Add-ons and Discounts

Sky offers affordable add-ons and additional discounts for new customers.

For example, you can add a home phone or switch your existing home line to Sky for $10/month. Sky's home phone plans provide unlimited local home phone calls and excellent features, including voicemail, call waiting and caller ID.

You can also order Sky WiFi boosters or sign up for Static IP for just NZ S10/month. Use Glimp's free IP Tool to check your NZ IP Address.

Are Sky Broadband Plans the Best Choice for You?

It depends on whether you have the right infrastructure in your area. If you do, Sky Fibre broadband creates a lightning-fast and highly reliable network, so it should cover your online gaming, streaming, and download needs.

Also, Sky offers some of the cheapest unlimited broadband deals in NZ, especially if you bundle them with a Sky TV subscription.

However, Sky Broadband only offers fixed contracts, so if you're looking for open or no-contract broadband plans, you should check out other providers.

Sky also mentioned that some devices, such as monitored alarms or medical alert devices, might not work with their fibre broadband service, so keep that in mind before signing.

Sky Broadband Plans - FAQs

How much does Sky Broadband cost a month?

Sky Broadband offers several different plans at varying monthly costs to suit your needs:

  1. UNLIMITED Fibre Pro + Sky TV: Priced at $115.99 monthly, this plan includes a promotional offer to save $20. It includes a $250 credit offer and 50% off your Sky TV Packages for the first three months.
  2. UNLIMITED Fibre Everyday + Sky TV: This plan costs $105.99 per month and offers a promotional discount of $10 per month. It includes a $100 credit offer and 50% off your Sky TV Packages for three months.
  3. UNLIMITED Fibre Starter + Sky TV: Priced at $85.99 monthly, this plan comes with 50% off your Sky TV Packages for the first three months.

Please note that these prices and offers are subject to terms and conditions.

How much is broadband through Sky?

The cost of broadband through Sky varies depending on the specific plan you choose:

  • UNLIMITED Fibre Pro + Sky TV: $115.99 monthly with a $20 promotional discount.
  • UNLIMITED Fibre Everyday + Sky TV: $105.99 monthly with a $10 promotional discount.
  • UNLIMITED Fibre Starter + Sky TV: $85.99 per month.

Each plan offers different download speeds and additional benefits, and there may be exit fees or contract terms to consider. 

It's essential to review the plan details and terms before deciding.

Is Sky Fiber and Sky Broadband the same?

While Sky Broadband does offer fibre broadband plans, the terms "Sky Fiber" and "Sky Broadband" are not typically used interchangeably. 

Sky provides a variety of broadband plans, with some delivered through fibre connections, such as Fibre Pro and Fibre Everyday, while others rely on different technologies, like Fibre Starter.

How Fast Is Sky Broadband?

Sky is one of the fastest fibre broadband providers, with speeds ranging from 50/10 Mbps to 865/497 Mbps, depending on your plan. You can use our internet speed test to check your current broadband speed.

Do I Need Sky WiFi Boosters?

It depends on the size and layout of your home. Generally speaking, you'll need a few Sky WiFi boosters if your house has two or more levels, 4+ bedrooms, or two or more lounge rooms.

Check out the Sky WiFi Booster Quick Start Guide for more information.

How Do I Set Up My Sky Broadband Connection?

The Sky router has an illustrated setup guide and videos that help you connect to the internet in three easy steps. All you have to do is connect your Sky router to a fibre box, plug the router into a power source, and then connect your devices via WiFi.

You can also ask for one of their Kiwi crew members to help with the installation process, which will cost an extra NZ $150. They'll find the perfect spot for your router from the lounge room to the throne room and even install WiFi boosters if needed.

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