60+ MyRepublic Broadband Plans Compared (2023)

MyRepublic NZ offers a range of broadband options to meet the needs of every internet user, with competitive pricing to boot. They started off in Singapore in 2011, with a strong focus on fast internet speeds.

MyRepublic is known as the first ones to introduce the gigabit per second plans in Singapore. It’s that experience in high speed, high-performance broadband that they want to bring into the New Zealand marketplace.

MyRepublic internet is often referred to as the cheapest for the performance; the fast speeds they offer enhance your online experience. MyRepublic is still a young company — and they like to use that to their advantage. They’re focused on keeping their operations lean and adaptable, so that they can pass on price savings to their customers, and keep updating to the latest technological trends.

You can compare the fastest and the cheapest broadband deals with glimp to see how MyRepublic NZ prices fare against their competitors.

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Why Sign Up With MyRepublic?

MyRepublic internet has a proven track record in offering some of the fastest internet speeds in the world to Singapore.

They are now using the same systems to offer similar speeds to New Zealanders. Almost purpose-built for gamers, MyRepublic knows exactly how to sell their internet in NZ. They offer a range of options for modems too, as sometimes the basic modems that come from other providers are simply not capable of carrying the internet speeds that you’re paying for. MyRepublic NZ are truly leaders in the marketplace for offering awesome high-speeds at mass-market prices.

Is MyRepublic Broadband the Best Provider For You?

If you’re a heavy gamer, then MyRepublic NZ, with their fibre pro plan, is the best option for you.

They offer incredibly high speeds (up to 950Mbps download and 500Mbps upload), so you’ll never be held up by lag again. MyRepublic internet also gives you great options on the modem that you want to use, as not every modem is equal or capable of dealing with high-speed internet. However, you don’t need to be a gamer to make the most MyRepublic’s offerings.

If you have a big household where everyone wants to consume to their heart's content, or if you rely on a strong internet connection because you work from home, MyRepublic NZ has got you covered.

Types of My Republic Broadband Plan and Deals

MyRepublic Fibre Plans

For faster and more reliable internet connections, MyRepublic NZ encourages anyone who has access to a fibre box to upgrade to one of their fibre broadband plans. They even have Fibre Pro available for heavy users, like those who take their gaming seriously. This plan gives you up to 950Mbps download and 500mbps upload — which is ideal for large households where everyone wants to stream in the highest possible quality.

MyRepublic Naked Broadband Plans

Naked Broadband plans have become increasingly popular now that landlines are slowly becoming obsolete. If you’re someone who doesn’t use a landline, then you should consider a MyRepublic NZ naked broadband plan. There’s no point in paying for a landline if you don’t actually use it. That’s what’s so great about naked broadband plans; you only pay for what you use.

MyRepublic Landline Broadband Plans

It’s easy to bring your landline onto any of the MyRepublic internet plans. For an extra $10 per month, you get unlimited local calls, and 500 minutes of national calling and international calls (rates for which are country are dependent). MyRepublic gives you the option to bring your own phone number and set up a voicemail for free too.

MyRepublic Unlimited Broadband Plans

MyRepublic realises that internet consumption shouldn’t be limited or capped. In this digital age, users don’t want to worry about having to limit their broadband usage. For this reason, MyRepublic only offer unlimited plans. Given that MyRepublic internet focuses on high speed, high-performance broadband for gamers and those who rely on the internet for work, they know their customers need to maximise internet usage.

MyRepublic VDSL Broadband Plans

VDSL is a great option for those who don’t have access to fibre yet. It is quick, capable and reliable; best thought of as a stepping stone to fibre. Essentially, it’s the fastest that copper can go. For MyRepublic internet VDSL plans, it is certainly capable of streaming movies, social media and online shopping.

MyRepublic No Contract Broadband Plans

If you’re the type who doesn’t want strings attached to their plans, or just want the ability to cut ties with your provider whenever you need, then a no contract broadband plan could be ideal for you. You’ll miss out on some of the extra benefits of being attached to a contract, like the 6-month speed boost on fibre, but sometimes having no contract can be more convenient.

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