DishTV SmartVU

DishTV is an innovative company that focuses on testing and designing new products to improve Kiwis’ viewing experience. They’re updated on the latest technological trends and will stop at nothing to be at the forefront of the competition. They make it a point to tailor the content based on customer insights —  this way you’ll always find something interesting to watch. 

Kiwis work hard on a daily basis, so they relax freely whenever they can. Each second matters when you’re taking a day off and lounging in your home. DishTV SmartVU can be your home buddy because it’s designed for smooth online streaming without any interruptions! 

Compare DishTV SmartVU Android TV boxes and find out which model suits your lifestyle best!

DishTV SmartVU nz

Why buy a DishTV SmartVU Android TV box?

You can do a lot with Dish TV’s SmartVU Android TV box! Unburden yourself from satellite connections and shows you don’t want; instead, watch only your favorite shows uninterrupted from Freeview on Demand, Live TV, and other channels. You can also cast videos, games, and music from your mobile device to your TV for a wider viewing experience. What’s more, Google Play and some apps are already pre-installed!

Making every TV smart

As long as you can connect the DishTV SmartVU Android TV box to the television through an HDMI, you’re all set! It only takes a press on the Google Assistant on the remote control to look for your favorite shows once everything is set-up.

DishTV Box - Features, Reviews & Prices in NZ

Freeview Recorder A2

DishTV presents this as their first PVR powered by Android TV with subscription-free content that will allow you to stream and watch online with ease. Some of the features are:

  •  DishTV Freeviewplus: up to 500 hours of recording from Freeview channels 
  • Over 20 local and international Live TV channels
  • Access to On Demand TV
  • With built-in multiple UHF and Satellite tuners
  • Android TV OS
  • 4K ULTRA HD + HDR resolution
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A53
  •  2GB DDR4 RAM

To check out other features, head over to our comparison page and see how this model fares against other Dish TV boxes!

SmartVU+ Android TV Freeview Receiver

You can access channels anywhere in NZ as SmartVU+ is a Freeview Certified Receiver for UHF aerial or satellite dish. Notable features include:

  • Android TV 9 with auto updates
  • 4K ULTRA HD + HDR resolution
  • 2GB DDR3 memory
  • Freeview Live TV and OnDemand
  • Built-in Chromecast and many more!

SmartVU X

Big features in a small package — SmartVU X has all the grand features to make the viewing experience unforgettable with HDR (High Dynamic Range) standard and 4K Ultra HD content. It's also the first Google partnered Android TV dongle that supports 4K Ultra HD resolution. Some features that stand out are:

  • Android TV operating system
  • 4K ULTRA HD + HDR resolution
  • 1GB DDR3 memory
  • Very portable: 50 x 50 x 10 mm!
  • Dual-Band wireless connection
  • HDMI: Up to 4K UHD