Vontar TV Box

Vontar is hailed as one of the best stores to find affordable and high-quality Android TV boxes. They attract a diverse pool of clients thanks to a wide international presence, e-commerce, and witty marketing efforts. “What you see is what you get” when it comes to their gadgets and devices, with the descriptions being true to their claims. 

Vontar TV box reviews are all praises when it comes to running large applications and storage memory. If you’re someone who’s concerned about storage memory, RAM, and the processor — look no further as Vontar TV box has the right touches! Vontar streaming boxes aren’t only for tech-wise Kiwis; they’re also for newbies as Vontar TV boxes are generally easy to install and straightforward. They’re fairly easy to install even without the help of a technician. 

Find out if Vontar streaming boxes are what you’re looking for and compare them against other models in the New Zealand market. Stream your favourite shows smoothly and get access to various applications with the TV box that fits your lifestyle!

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Why buy a TV box from Vontar?

Vontar is a go-to store to find an Android TV box thanks to various designs for gaming and streaming! They have a wide selection of TV boxes because that’s how diverse their clients are. And they’re a company driven by customer insights! What’s more, their discounts for select items can go as high as 30 to 35% off — it’s no wonder why Vontar TV box reviews are mostly positive.

Top performing Vontar streaming box

A Vontar streaming box comes with a pre-installed version of YouTube, Cyberflix, KDMCn and many more! You can watch videos in high-quality without issues as it’s also compatible with most  IPTV apps. If you like casting your mobile phone, it’s also a good fit because it has pre-installed versions of Miracast and AirScreen.

Types of Vontar TV boxes - Features, Reviews & Prices in NZ

Smart TV box

A smart TV box is like a television that can stand alone when you connect to the internet; meaning, you don’t need to connect your TV box and television to stream videos online. Vontar streaming boxes have a lot of Smart TV boxes with pre-installed apps:

  • Google Play
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Fox Sports
  • Twitter 
  • Genesis
  • Facebook and many more!


TV boxes and built for gaming, so expect a great gaming experience with options for 4K and even 6K quality streaming. Vontar’s TV boxes for gaming supports somatosensory remote control and bluetooth gamepad, and has an operating system faster by 60% than A53 CPU. Models such as Vontar X3 Android 9.0 TV Box, A95X MAX, and V1 7.1 TV Streaming Box are compatible with high quality gaming functions.

Android TV box

An Android TV box is plugged into your television for streaming online content and connecting to the internet. Some of the latest and best selling Vontar TV boxes combine the functions and features of an Android TV box and a Smart TV box. They function through the latest android operating systems and include a range of online applications. Some of the best-selling include:

  • Vontar X3 Android 9.0 TV Box
  • Vontar X96 Max Plus
  • X3 PRO TV Box