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Watch all your favourite shows, movies, and series anytime you want using a TV box.

After a long day, we want you to enjoy your time watching your favourite shows with your friends or family. However, with plenty of options, you may land a TV box deal that doesn’t offer the shows and movies that you want. By using our comparison service at glimp, we can help ensure that your TV box gives you everything you need for the best online streaming experience.

Our comprehensive comparison tool covers a broad range of trusted NZ providers – so whether you’re looking for a Vodafone TV box or Android TV box, our comparison tool can cater to your needs. We’ve also made our tool available across the country, from the bustling Auckland CBD to the quiet rural areas of Aotearoa. No matter where you’re located, you can compare TV box deals including freebies, extras, add-ons, and exclusive discounts.

Whether you prefer heavy drama or light-hearted comedy, you can find the perfect TV box here at glimp! Simply tell us your watching preferences and some basic information about yourself, and we’ll show you the best deals currently on the market.

Easy-to-use TV box comparison

Picking the perfect TV box deal can be a time-consuming task; that’s why we’ve made our comparison tool easy to use. Our filtering tool will narrow down your choices to the best deals tailored to your needs.

TV boxes are relatively new in New Zealand, but it doesn’t mean that Kiwis lack choices to choose from. Many new providers are coming to NZ, which means even more options are on the way! Here at glimp, we aim to help you save time, money, and effort by showing you all the best deals on the market.

We filter our TV box deals according to streaming sticks, set-top box streamers, and game consoles as streamers. As our comparison tool is free, you can compare all you want! Whether you’re just window shopping for a good TV box deal, or looking to purchase for one, we don’t charge you a thing to compare here at glimp.

After entering some basic details, our tool will bring up all the TV box plans relevant to your choices. This makes it easier for you to choose amongst the best plans, as you can see and compare all the offers in one place.

We help thousands of Kiwis just like you find a better deal every day. Now it’s your turn to compare and switch to the best TV box in NZ at glimp!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you convert a basic TV into a smart TV?

A basic TV doesn’t have the technologies that are inside a smart TV – but the good news is, you can make it work like one! With an Android TV box connected to your telly, you can access the internet, stream, cast screens, and even download content that you want to view offline!

Do you need cable TV before you can use an Android TV box?

Cable TV doesn’t have anything to do with your Android TV box; they are two different things. The only thing you need before you can use an Android TV box is an internet connection to connect you to the content online.

What should you consider when getting a TV box in NZ?

  • Streaming options - If you’re someone who watches linear, meaning a TV with scheduled programming, then you should choose a provider that offers this. If you’re someone who would like to go back to aired TV programmes, then you may have to consider that as well.
  • Set-up process - Although the majority of leading providers in New Zealand offer a quick and easy set-up process, some may still find it hard to set-up other TV boxes. Some set-up processes may take only 5 to 15 minutes, depending on internet speeds.
  • User-experience - While some providers have the content that you want to watch, it may be hard to find it when it’s cluttered. This is why it’s important to consider this, so you won’t have to spend your time just rummaging around for the content that you like.

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