Star Motorcycle Insurance

Star Insurance claims themselves as the original specialist motorcycle insurance provider that started when founder John Baker revolutionised motorcycle insurance in the late 80s. Today, they continue the legacy by providing unbeatable protection for a wide range of motorcycles ranging from scooters to off-road racers, to trikes and cruisers. They’re a leading motorcycle insurance company who provides the best claims, price, cover, and customer support. 

Star insurance for motorcycles is based on the Agreed Value — the value of your motorcycle is agreed upon by you and the provider. You’ll know what you’ll be paying for, and why. You can also upgrade your policies to a Certified Value basis and get more out of your motorcycle insurance.

Get a quote from the original motorcycle insurance specialist in New Zealand! Compare Star Motorcycle Insurance from other deals and see if it best fits your needs.

star motorcycle insurance nz

Why get Star Motorcycle Insurance?

Your quote will be tailored to your personal needs and circumstances so you can make payments with ease. Their options are flexible and are difficult to find in any other provider. For instance, it’s difficult to find an insurer who can guarantee you a purchase-price payment if the motorcycle purchased is ‘second hand.’ They’ll also ensure that genuine parts are used in repair to ensure the quality of your motorcycle. They also insure specialist bikes like race bikes, quad bikes, and heavily modified bikes. Many insurance companies don’t accept modified motorcycles, but Star Insurance can gladly accommodate this.

Is Star Insurance for motorcycles right for you?

Star Insurance for motorcycles are best for heavy motorbike users; meaning, you rely greatly on your motorcycle to get around NZ. You also use your motorcycle for racing and long-distance trips. What makes them a cut above others is they accommodate heavily modified motorcycles. If you’ve customized your ride and would still like to insure it, you’re welcome to do so. Because they handle every process in-house, you only deal with one company so decisions are fast and consistent.

Star Motorcycle Insurance NZ Options 

Comprehensive cover

This gives you a full range of the benefits you can get from Star Motorcycle Insurance such as cover for your insured vehicle, based on the Agreed Value, and the costs of repair in the event of an accidental damage. You’ll also have the following benefits:

  • Up to $20,000,000 for liability to the public 
  • Claim Free Recognition
  • Cleaning up costs up to $5,000
  • Completion of journey when your vehicle has been damaged and is unfit to give you a ride home
  • Continuance Of Policy Cover Following Total Loss
  • Death by Accident
  • Up to a maximum amount of $1,000 for transportations costs when you’re unable to use your vehicle due to accident or loss
  • Keys and locks replacement
  • 24/7 Road Assistance
  • …and many more!

Third party, fire, and theft cover

This is a special type of cover for loss caused directly by fire, lightning, explosion, or theft. The Uninsured Third Party Protection also applies to any loss. This protects the insured against a claim under the policy when they were at fault for the accident; their identity is known; and when the insured can’t make any recovery from the third party.

Third party liability only

Liability to the public is covered and The Uninsured Third Party Protection applies, among others.

Competition motorcycle

This covers your insured vehicle, based on the Agreed Value, and the costs of repair in the event of an accidental damage. However, they won’t cover the insured vehicle when the engine is running under its own motive power; for loss while it’s in transit unless it’s secured; or for loss resulting from fire unless proven that the fire was solely external to the vehicle and ignition occurred 24 hours after the vehicle was switched off. Liability to the public is also covered.

Storage & transit or restoration & transit or off road

This covers your insured vehicle and the costs of repair, based on the Agreed Value, in the event of an accidental damage. Liability to the public is also covered. However, your insured vehicle can’t be covered for loss when it’s in motion under its own motive power unless travelling to a warrant of fitness (WOF) provider with the purpose of acquiring a WOF; and for loss while it’s in transit unless it’s secured.