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We compare comprehensive motorcycle insurance, third party motorcycle insurance, and third party, fire, and theft motorcycle insurance. Our comparison tool lays down benefits and rates of trusted providers such as Star Insurance Motorcycle and NC Motorcycle Insurance.

Easy-to-Use Motorcycle Insurance Comparison

Our comparison tool makes it easy to see pertinent information on various motorcycle insurance policies in NZ. This will give you an idea on what to expect on different offers.

We compare different types of motorcycle insurance cover, prices, and features offered by each of the providers. If you’re still unsure about damages, losses, and benefits that you want to be covered, then our comparison tool can give you some hints.

By clicking the “Select Deal” in our comparison tool, you’ll be directed to the company’s website. This will give you a broader picture about the company as well as their offers, benefits, and requirements.

We present Kiwis with offers from the leading providers in NZ. This includes exclusive offers from insurers like Star Insurance Motorcycle and NC Motorcycle Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you consider when getting motorcycle insurance?

General considerations include: the motorcycle model, your age and driving history, the excess or amount to pay when making a claim, previous accidents, purpose, security, and added features of the motorcycle. If your motorcycle has additional features or modifications, then the premiums and excess can cost more.

Can I use my motorcycle for other purposes?

You need to be transparent with your provider on how you intend to use your motorcycle. What you indicate as the purpose of the motorcycle insurance will be the boundary. Therefore, if you use your motorcycle for anything other than the indicated purpose, your provider may deny your claim.

What is the difference between temporary motorcycle insurance and seasonal motorcycle insurance?

Temporary motorcycle insurance is short-term and is intended for a specific purpose. For example, delivery of goods for a single day. You can also check travel insurance companies if you intend to use a motorcycle during a vacation. Some offer the best travel insurance with motorcycle cover. This can save you time and costs. Meanwhile, seasonal motorcycle insurance is occasional and depends on specific conditions. For example, traveling during summer for leisure.

Why is motorcycle insurance in NZ expensive for beginner riders?

Beginner riders are at higher risk of accidents and damages, compared to those who have years of experience on the road. This is the purpose behind getting the driving history. Riders who have less experience with regards to safety need more time to build their credibility. However, as your driving history develops, your insurance costs decrease.

Why do some motorcycle types have higher insurance costs?

Motorcycle insurance depends on the likelihood of the motorcycle to be involved in an accident and the projected costs of repairing the damages. The assumption is based on New Zealand’s accumulated data on vehicular accidents.

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