Avanti Finance Mechanical Breakdown

Avanti Finance NZ is one of the country's top lending companies. They were awarded the Equifax Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award at the Financial Services Federation 2019 awards ceremony, thanks to their reliable services. Since then, they've added new products like the  Avanti Finance Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

Their MBI policy comes from Autosure NZ, but they’ve included some additional unique features and benefits. Because of their great value premiums, Avanti Finance has grown to be among New Zealand's largest distributors of MBI.

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Why sign up with Avanti Finance Mechanical Insurance? 

Avanti Finance is known for providing customer-focused services not only in loan applications but also in claims payment. They uphold the highest ethical standards, so you can trust their services to cater for you. 

Comprised of trusted brands such as: 

  • Get Capital 
  • Bexhill Funding 
  • Branded Financial Services 

 Avanti Finance also works closely with companies that share their values and provide valuable services to customers such as MyArt, Crane Brothers, and Jetshare. 

AA Roadservice Cover 

Avanti MBI policyholders are entitled to free AA Roadservice assistance, available 24/7. This covers circumstances such as towing, lockout service, flat batteries, lost keys and changing flat tyres, as well as running out of fuel

Avanti Finance Mechanical Breakdown Policy

Essential Cover

Avanti Mechanical Insurance protects you against unexpected failures of mechanical and electrical components.

Avanti’s claim limit for any single breakdown based on your vehicle kilometres at the time of purchase are the following: 

  • All vehicles up to 125,000kms market value of vehicle;
  • All vehicles up to 175,000kms $4,000;
  • All vehicles up to 250,000kms $3,000;
  • All vehicles up to 300,000kms $3,000 (subject to change) 

If your vehicle requires more than 24 hours to repair and you're more than 100 kilometers from home, you can be reimbursed for up to $500. 

You'll be reimbursed for up to 5 days of accommodation, up to 5 days of rental car hire costs, repatriation costs for your vehicle to your home address or another convenient location.