Beneficial Mechanical Insurance

Beneficial Insurance Limited is a New Zealand-based company, founded in 2002. They are dedicated to providing reliable insurance products that meet the needs and protect what is significant to their customers. They also offer car and finance insurances such as Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), Guaranteed Finance Protection (GFP), and Consumer Credit Indemnity (CCI).

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Why sign up with Beneficial Insurance Limited? 

Beneficial offers a wide range of insurance products to protect everything that is important to you. With their MBI policy, you can protect your vehicle and receive assistance by being reimbursed for potentially costly repairs and ensuring that you and your vehicle remain safe on the road.

Guaranteed Finance Protection

GFP cover is created to protect you against any potential shortfalls when a motor vehicle is written off and the claim is paid by the motor vehicle insurer.

For instance, suppose you owe $12,000 on your car but its insurance value is $9,000. If your car is totalled, you will have a $3,000 loan shortfall to make up. If you have GFP coverage through Beneficial Insurance Limited (BIL), this amount will be covered by the policy. This means you no longer owe the finance company any money. 

GFP cover is available up to  $10,000 and can be obtained directly from the BIL team or from an approved BIL Motor Vehicle Dealer.