Quest Mechanical Insurance

Quest Insurance is a Kiwi-owned and operated insurance company that focuses on providing premium products and services to motor vehicle retailers, investment firms, and finance brokers. They're regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010, which establishes their credibility as a financial institution. 

Throughout its existence, Quest has helped thousands of Kiwis and their businesses. They’re fully committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with their customers while keeping a reliable profile of products. 

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Why choose Quest Mechanical Insurance?

Whether you're looking for a customised branded solution for your dealership, a new enhanced product, or simply changes to the law, Quest can move quickly and efficiently. They don’t require approval from a parent company or an external underwriter, resulting in no-fuss transactions. With a strong team culture that prioritises their customers, as well as with their trusted years of experience, they hope to earn your trust as a business partner.

Quest Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy 

Roadside Assistance

The insured vehicle is eligible for Quest Roadside Assistance and can make up to three callouts per year. For assistance, phone Quest direct on 0800 229 059. You need to quote your policy number and vehicle registration number upon contact.

Additional benefits 

In addition to the standard roadside assistance coverage, Quest offers the following benefits up to a $500 claim limit. If the vehicle undergoes insured repairs after being authorised, the owner is entitled to these additional benefits. 

  • Rental vehicle of up to $360 - If the nominated vehicle breaks down more than 100 kilometres from your home and cannot be repaired the same day, Quest will provide a similar or the same replacement vehicle, where possible and subject to availability, for a maximum of 3 days and at a rate of $120 per day.
  • Accommodation of up to $360 - If the nominated vehicle breaks down more than 100 kilometres from your home and requires warranty repairs, arrangements will be made for the driver and passengers up to a maximum of 3 nights at a rate of $120 per night. However, if the driver chooses not to use the accommodation entitlement, the replacement vehicle's hire period can be extended. 
  • Alternative transport of up to $120 - In the absence of a replacement vehicle, or if the driver prefers, Quest will arrange for the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation like bus, train, or plane to allow the driver of the nominated vehicle and any travel companions to continue their journey, up to a maximum of $120 per incident.
  • Finance Instalment of up to $200 – If a repair takes more than 30 days from the date of authorization, Quest Insurance will contribute $200 to the cost of instalments related to vehicle finance, if applicable.
  • Taxis, Uber and Shared Rides – Cover available subject to payment of additional premium.