Provident Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Provident Insurance is a New Zealand-owned company, headquartered in Takapuna, Auckland. Their sales and customer service representatives are spread in all major cities across the country to assist you wherever you are. They have a 100-year history in the insurance business and are committed to their clients to achieve the highest standards of excellence in their products, services, claims assistance, and technology.

Provident Insurance is a member of The Insurance Council of New Zealand and follows the Fair Insurance Code, giving you peace of mind about their high-quality services to our customers.

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provident mbi nz

Why choose Provident Insurance NZ? 

Provident Insurance offers different policies for your car and motorcycle to fit your needs. Aside from MBI, they also provide the following: 

Credit Contract Indemnity (CCI)

CCI covers you and your family if you're unable to work due to an accident, illness, redundancy, suspension, business interruption, bankruptcy, or hospitalisation. It also includes a life-cover feature that settles the outstanding balance of your credit contract in case of death. 

Guaranteed Asset Protection (Gapcover)

Gapcover is designed to help pay the difference between what your car insurance policy pays out and the balance owed under your credit contract. If you choose the extra “Special Benefits” protection for your insurance, Provident may additionally pay benefits to help pay you for any incidental costs.

Motor Vehicle Insurance (MVI) 

Provident offers two types of MVI policies. Their standard policy includes features such as a temporary cover for 7 days when a new replacement vehicle is purchased, trailer cover up to $750 in any 12 month period (without excess), an accidental death benefit of $5,000, and more. On the other hand, luxury coverage for luxury brand motor vehicles is only available at an authorised partnering franchise dealership when purchasing the vehicle.