State Insurance NZ Machinery Insurance

For over a century, State Insurance NZ has been assisting its customers with their finances. They manage over 900,000 policies of over 400,000 customers. Throughout the years, State developed a solid understanding of Kiwis’ insurance needs.

This allowed them to offer more products such as Machinery Breakdown Insurance, which covers mechanical, electrical, or electronic machines used in your business. It also covers mechanical breakdowns that occur unexpectedly or unexpectedly, but not wear and tear. This, however, excludes motor vehicles

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Why sign up with State Machinery Breakdown Insurance?

State Insurance puts its customers at the centre of everything they do. They take pride in the way they conduct business, whether it's through protecting your most valuable possessions or supporting the local community.

State is a subsidiary of IAG New Zealand Limited (IAG), having a financial strength rating of AA- or a 'very strong' ability to pay claims.

State Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy

This policy covers the insured machinery in case of accidental loss. State offers an Automatic policy extension, which covers accidental loss to machinery acquired during the period of insurance. You may be paid up to $50,000 or the total amount insured for insured machinery, whichever is less. You're also covered for the cost of hiring electric motors, replacing refrigerant, demolition costs, and boiler and pressure vessel explosions.

Option policy extensions

You’re insured for the reasonable costs of express air freight and expediting the repair or replacement of insured machinery, following a loss covered under the policy.