Autolife Mechanical Insurance

Autolife NZ is a fully owned and operated subsidiary of Beneficial Limited, a licenced insurer that provides car insurance products. They offer consumers fast and easy applications, simplifying the entire process from start to finish. What’s more, Autolife underwrites its own policies, eliminating the need for a third-party underwriter to process forms or pay your claims.

If you're interested in products from Autolife, check out their Guaranteed Financial Protection (GFP) and Credit Contract Indemnity (CCI) coverage for loan repayments and other ongoing finance contracts. Compare Autolife’s MBI policies using glimp's comparison tool and see which one best fits your needs!

autolife mbi nz

Why choose Autolife Mechanical Insurance?

One of the most important factors a customer looks for in an insurance company is how quickly a provider responds to claims. Autolife NZ takes pride in responding quickly to requests, with over 96% of claims paid within 14 days and 99.5% paid within 21 days.

Like an extended car warranty, Autolife mechanical insurance doesn’t cover routine maintenance and wear and tear of your vehicle. Although you can buy several repair coverage for a set number of kilometres. When it comes to paying your premiums, you have the option of paying weekly, fortnightly, or monthly using your credit card or directly from your bank.