BNZ Business Loans

Bank of New Zealand or BNZ is one of New Zealand’s most established banks, dating back to its founding in 1861. After years of experience, they accomplished a great deal in banking and financial services to Kiwis across the NZ. BNZ is looking forward to a bright future with New Zealanders where financial aspirations are easily achievable. To make this happen, BNZ  provides Kiwis with flexible and affordable loan finance solutions to pave the way for a bright future. 

BNZ loans are designed to meet different business needs. Whether you run a small or big business, as long as you need extra funds, a BNZ loan can be a great choice. You can apply for more than one BNZ loan to fund different aspects of your business, especially if you want to take your business to the next level. 

Is a BNZ business loan right for you? To find out, head over to our comparison tool and see how a BNZ business loan interest rates fare against other offers.

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Why apply for a BNZ business loan?

You can design your loan according to your business needs so there won’t be any surprises as you make repayment. Take advantage of their BNZ Repayments Calculator to get an accurate estimate.

You can select your interest rate and term, and repayment period based on your cash flow. BNZ business loans are secured to give you lower interest rates as well. You can render a security of your choosing as long as it covers the amount you’ll borrow. You can also choose to apply online through QuickBiz so that you won’t be required to provide additional security.

Is a BNZ business loan right for you?

While the interest rate may vary according to your circumstances, a BNZ business loan would have a 90-day rate interest of 2.47% p.a. added to the margin. You can borrow any amount from $5,000 and $100,000 depending on your financing option. BNZ loans fit most business needs however, you’ll need to have an established and relatively stable business to afford a secured loan even if you’re running a small business. BNZ loans are suited for your business if you need extra funding to grow your business.

BNZ Business Loans - Interest Rates & Terms

Business First term loan

This is a business loan suited to your cash flow, and for a fair rate too. You can lock in an interest rate up to 60 days in advance, choose your interest rate, and repayment schedule. You can use the BNZ business loan calculator to know what you’re expected to pay for a specific loan amount.

Asset Finance

Asset finance is a flexible lending option that lets you get 100% funding for new or used equipment. You can upgrade your equipment and optimize your facilities to improve your business. The interest rate can be fixed or floating (variable) depending on your cash flow.