Don’t Miss These Top 10 Broadband Providers in New Zealand for 2024

Mar 08, 2024

2024 is the best time to change things up! Top broadband providers in New Zealand offer great deals to ensure every Kiwi gets a plan that matches their internet needs. Don’t get stuck for another year paying for a plan that doesn’t offer what you need.

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Who are the top broadband providers in NZ for 2024?

The New Zealand broadband market is very competitive. From telco-focused companies to power companies with broadband bundle deals, New Zealanders have plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to their broadband.

Look out for the best broadband providers for 2024 in this list. Note that this list is in no particular order and is based on factors, such as customer count, coverage, and industry contributions, among many others.

1. Spark

Serving approximately 41% of the broadband market in New Zealand, Spark is often named as the largest broadband provider in the country. This is big thanks to offering a wide range of plans, including 4G, 5G, fibre, and wireless broadband. What’s more,  Spark bundles its plan with entertainment packages to ensure you get the best experience with your broadband!

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2. One NZ

One NZ takes up the second-largest broadband market share in New Zealand with approximately 24%. Previously known as Vodafone, it is a trusted provider not only in the broadband sector but also in the mobile sector.

One NZ is a market leader to continuously improve the telecommunications landscape in Aotearoa.

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3. Orcon

Looking for ultra-fast fibre options in your location? Orcon is one of the best providers you can trust. It has built a reputation of offering high-quality services and innovative technologies to take advantage of your fast internet, such as the latest routers and wi-fi extenders.

Orcon takes up 13% of the broadband market share in NZ.

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4. 2degrees

Although best known for its mobile deals, 2degrees offers wonderful broadband plans, too! In fact, it takes up up to 5% of the broadband market in New Zealand. Having an established mobile network is an advantage of 2degrees because it can service Kiwis in some of the most remote parts of New Zealand.

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5. Slingshot

For some of the best bundle deals with mobile and power, take a look at Slingshot broadband offerings. It offers uncomplicated plans with flexible terms across its range of plans, including fibre and VDSL.

Slingshot is an award-winning provider not just because of its excellent deals, but also because of its great customer service experience.

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6. Skinny

As a part of Spark, Skinny prides itself on offering full-packaged broadband plans at affordable prices. Kiwis who may be low on budget can get a broadband plan with Skinny and trust that it still delivers exceptional services without compromise.

It’s a straightforward provider that sells plans at varying terms and price points.

Match with a plan that suits your budget with Skinny.

7. Wireless Nation

From the name itself, Wireless Nation is a champion of wireless connectivity in New Zealand. It specialises in bringing internet access to even the most remote areas of the country.

Wireless Nation’s satellite and wireless broadband services are a great solution to bridge the gap of digital infrastructures between urban and rural communities.

Get connected wirelessly with Wireless Nation.

8. Bigpipe

Bigpipe knows fixed-term plans can be a deal breaker for many Kiwis looking for flexibility and simplicity. For this reason, it offers no fixed-term plans that are affordable and easy to set up in all its plans.

Bigpipe is a subsidiary of Spark, allowing a wide coverage where it can offer its ADSL, VDSL, and ultra-fast fibre services.

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9. Farmside

What sets Farmside apart from other broadband providers is that it designs its broadband plans  for rural locations. It’s on a mission to connect hard-to-reach communities with specialised satellite and wireless broadband solutions.

Gaining support from its parent company One NZ, Farmside connects New Zealanders no matter where they are.

Ensure a fast and reliable internet connection in your rural home with Farmside.

10. Voyager

As a Kiwi-based broadband provider, Voyager understands that most Kiwis simply want a simple broadband plan that guarantees fast, reliable, and uninterrupted internet connection. 

What’s more, it’s knowledgeable about the personal concerns of Kiwis with their internet, allowing it to provide more effective customer services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best broadband available in my area?

It varies depending on the location. In urban centers, fibre connection may be readily available, while some suburbs, communities, and rural areas may only get VDSL. Moreover, in rural areas, communities may have to rely on satellite and wireless connections.

The great thing is that New Zealand continues to improve its broadband infrastructure. Fibre rollout continuously extends the coverage of ultra-fast fibre broadband, even in some of the most remote parts of the country.

Should I get fibre broadband?

If it is available at your address, it is highly recommended to get fibre broadband.  Fibre broadband is the best broadband type available for households in New Zealand. It’s way faster than copper connections, such as ADSL and VDSL, while costing almost the same.

If fibre is still unavailable in your location, VDSL is the second-best broadband type available in NZ. It’s more reliable than satellite and wireless broadband plans, which are susceptible to interferences and interruptions.

How can I check if fibre is available at my address?

Many Kiwi households want fibre broadband in their household because it offers the fastest and most reliable internet connection for most of New Zealand. To check if fibre is available in your address, you can use glimp’s fibre broadband checker.

Aside from fibre broadband checker, glimp offers a broadband comparison tool that lists the best broadband plans available at your address. It narrows down your options, helping you find the broadband plan that ticks all the right boxes for you.

Should I get a broadband bundle deal?

If you want the convenience of getting all your utilities, a broadband deal with your mobile, power, and natural gas may work well for you. A broadband bundle means consolidating your services into one bill, making them easy to manage and pay for.

However, a broadband bundle may not fit your needs if you want flexibility in your deals. For example, you may miss out on some power deals and discounts if you’re tied with another provider that also supplies you with mobile and broadband. 

Which is the best broadband provider in New Zealand?

The best broadband provider in New Zealand ultimately depends on who can offer you with a plan that matches your budget, availability, digital needs, and more. There’s simply not a single plan that can be one-size-fits-all.

To know the best broadband provider in New Zealand for your needs, use our broadband comparison tool, right here at glimp!

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