12 Bigpipe Internet Broadband Plans Compared (2023)

Bigpipe is a New Zealand broadband provider, self-described as ‘the only internet provider that just offers cheap broadband’.

Bigpipe NZ is designed for a quick and easy broadband plan decision, as every internet plan is unlimited, naked and loaded with add-ons (including a free router if you commit to a 12-month contract). As one of New Zealand’s smaller internet service providers, Bigpipe boasts a personalised internet service starting with ADSL to the faster VDSL options, all the way through to ultra-fast fibre.

Find out if Bigpipe internet is right for you by comparing New Zealand’s top broadband providers with glimp.

Basic $69 per month This entry-level plan suits lighter or less frequent internet users.      
Lite $79 per month Lite users. Web browsing, email, basic video streaming. Connection and termination fees may apply. ADSL
  • Online/Chat/App Support
  • No Data Caps
  • Easy Sign-up
Free Modem and Connection on a 12 month term
Average 9 Mbps Download Speed
Average 1 Mbps Upload Speed
Fast $79 per month Most popular plan. ADSL 2+
  • No Data Caps
  • Easy Sign-up
Classic $89 per month Medium Users. 4K UHD streaming, gaming, video conferencing. Connection and termination fees may apply. VDSL
  • Online/Chat/App Support
  • No Data Caps
  • Easy Sign-up
  • Free Modem and Connection on a 12 month term
Average 36 Mbps Download Speed
Average 9 Mbps Upload Speed
Turbo $89 per month Great for streaming and online gaming! VDSL   Average 60 Mbps Download Speed
Average 18 Mbps Upload Speed
Starter $79 per month Medium users. 4K UHD streaming, gaming, video conferencing. Connection and termination fees may apply. UFB
  • Online/Chat/App Support
  • No Data Caps
  • Easy Sign-up
  • Free Modem and Connection on a 12 month term
Average 319 Mbps Download Speed
Average 108 Mbps Upload Speed
Pro $99 per month Get double the download speed with this plan. UFB   Average 200 Mbps Download Speed
Average 20 Mbps Upload Speed
Elite $109 per month Heavy users with lots of devices downloading and uploading. 4K UHD streaming, gaming, video conferencing. Connection and termination fees may apply. UFB
  • Online/Chat/App Support
  • No Data Caps
  • Easy Sign-up
  • Free Modem and Connection on a 12 month term
Average 901 Mbps Download Speed
Average 498 Mbps Upload Speed

Choosing the right Big Pipe broadband plan depends on your specific internet usage and requirements. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

1. Basic $69/month

This plan is suitable for very light internet users who mainly check emails and browse basic websites. It may not be sufficient for streaming or online gaming.

2. Lite ADSL $79/month

This plan offers the slowest download speed in the list, suitable for basic internet activities like web browsing and email. Consider this plan if you have minimal internet needs or if you're in an area where faster connections are unavailable.

3. Fast ADSL 2+ $79/month

This plan is for standard web browsing and email. It provides a better speed than the Lite ADSL plan, but it's not ideal for streaming or high-demand online tasks.

4. Classic VDSL $89/month

VDSL provides faster speeds than ADSL, making it suitable for activities like streaming in standard definition (SD) and light online gaming. Choose this plan if you need faster speeds for moderate internet usage.

5. Turbo VDSL $89/month

This VDSL plan offers even faster download and upload speeds, making it suitable for households with multiple users, online gaming, and 4K streaming.

6. Starter UFB $79/month

Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) offers significantly faster speeds than ADSL and VDSL, making it suitable for streaming in high definition (HD), video conferencing, and general household use. This plan is a great choice if you want a high-speed internet connection for a wide range of online activities.

7. Pro UFB $99/month

This UFB plan offers a balance between speed and cost. It's a good choice if you need high-speed internet for streaming and work but don't require the fastest available.

8. Elite UFB $109/month with 881Mbps download speed

This is the fastest Big Pipe broadband plan on the list, providing extremely high download speeds.

Consider this plan if you have demanding internet needs, such as 4K streaming, multiple users, or if you have a home office that relies on a very fast and reliable internet connection
Here are some more things to ponder on when choosing the right Big Pipe Internet plan:

  • Consider your typical internet activities. If you mostly browse the web and check emails, a slower plan might suffice. For streaming and gaming, go for faster options.
  • Think about how many devices will be connected simultaneously. More devices may require faster speeds.
  • Check for any data caps or limitations. Some plans may have data limits that could affect your usage.
  • Compare pricing, taking into account your budget and any bundled services like phone or TV.
  • Keep in mind that these are just download speeds. If you frequently upload large files or engage in activities like video conferencing, upload speeds are also important.

Why Sign Up With Bigpipe?

Bigpipe broadband plans are simple and straightforward, meaning you won’t have to um-and-ah over and over about which option is best for you.

With the added benefit of receiving your first three months free of charge when you sign up to any year-long contract with Bigpipe NZ – what’s not to love? Simple options are an attractive prospect to many, especially if you’ve recently moved and just want to get online.

You can compare Bigpipe to other providers here on glimp if you’re looking to get the most out of your internet provider.

Is Bigpipe Internet the best broadband provider for you?

Bigpipe internet plans are very well-suited to Kiwis who don’t want to meticulously pick apart every plan from their provider to figure out what’s best.

Combine Bigpipe NZ’s dedication to customer service, along with the perks that come with a year-long broadband commitment, and their offerings start to look pretty good!

You can see how Bigpipe promos compares to other NZ broadband providers by using the glimp broadband comparison tool.

Types of Bigpipe Internet Broadband Deals and Plans

Bigpipe fibre broadband plans

Bigpipe NZ’s naked UFB plans are some of the fastest available on the market – ideal for those who live on the internet and need a lightning-fast connection. Bigpipe fibre is only available to properties that have access to fibre infrastructure, but as the Government rolls this out to more properties each year, it will become much easier to get connected.

Bigpipe unlimited broadband plans

Bigpipe offers some of the most simple and streamlined unlimited broadband options in NZ. All Bigpipe internet plans are unlimited, meaning you’ll never run out of bandwidth whether you’re on ADSL, VDSL, or fibre. This is ideal for homes with lots of people who are online regularly.

Bigpipe naked broadband plans

As with Bigpipe unlimited internet, they offer one of the most simplified naked broadband solutions in NZ. Just like unlimited, every Bigpipe broadband plan is naked so it’s a quick and easy choice.

Bigpipe no-contract broadband plans

Fortunately, unlike some other New Zealand internet providers, Bigpipe internet comes with the option of a no-contract internet service. While this is a good option for flexibility, some may want to commit to a 12-month contract, as Bigpipe provides a free router and installation with this option.

Bigpipe ADSL broadband plans

For the basic starter package, Bigpipe NZ charges $79 for a standard, naked, unlimited ADSL connection. While most will want to go for faster options if they’re available, this connection type is ideal for light internet users.

Bigpipe VDSL broadband plans

VDSL is a step up in speed from ADSL, and is the go-to option for those who want a fast connection but do not live in a property that is fibre-enabled. Bigpipe VDSL services start at $89, an upper mid-range price in the NZ market at the moment.

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I'm so happy I asked Glimp for help, to find a service provider that suits our family's budget, without losing quality and unlimited data on both our mobile phones and broadband. Mele Falahola is a Comparison Specialist from Glimp and she was amazing from the beginning. Mele located the right service provider for our needs that will save us money!, fulfil our usage and more! compared to what we were using. My wife and I even asked for a comparison on our electricity bill. Mele responded immediately once she saw our monthly bills and compared it to another provider that not only do not required a contract to stick too (like the mobile and broadband provider Mele recommended) but their price per kWh was so much better! Which is why we changed that also. Thank you Mele and Glimp for your help. We can now look forward to our Christmas holiday in the Cook Islands from what we can now save. :-)