Spark Fibre Broadband Plans

Spark is among the largest broadband providers in NZ. They offer mobile plans, landline, and broadband for your home or business. Their internet plans include ADSL, VDSL, and Fibre, allowing them to serve all types of consumers who need a stable broadband connection.

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Why sign up with Spark Fibre?

Spark's internet plans include a number of features that their loyal customers need. Because they also provide mobile and entertainment services, you can get a discount if you purchase a broadband and mobile plan together with Spotify Premium. This is ideal for those who don't want complicated billing as services are combined in a single bill.

Simple and easy to connect

Spark's fibre broadband solutions make it simple and easy to connect to fast and reliable broadband. Although some areas may not have fibre yet, Spark NZ, in collaboration with the government, is building more fibre infrastructure across the country to provide wider and better coverage.

Flexible payment options

You can pay for your plan on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, depending on your budget. Get unlimited broadband access up to 100Mbps download speeds, complete with a free modem for only $19.55 per week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spark Fibre available in my area?

You can go to a fibre availability checker to know if your home is eligible for fibre.

How do I order Spark fibre?

Spark will forward your order to a local fibre company once you've signed up for fibre. They will coordinate with you to install fibre on your property. Prior to the installation date, they'll deliver the modem to you and other equipment.

You can also transfer your fibre connection from another service provider to Spark if you already have one.

Can I change my Spark Fibre speed?

You can easily select and change the speed of your fibre using your MySpark account. Your new speed will activate within 48 hours.

Does Spark Fibre plan include a landline?

Fibre or wireless plans don't include a landline. This means that you’re unable to make phone calls from a landline, including 111 calls. If you require a landline, you can add one during the checkout process with additional fees.

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Shane Egan (Popup) , 2023-07-10

Excellent service. Responsive and easy to deal with. Got me an awesome deal on Broadband. Well worth calling to see what they can do. 👍

Jamie Martin , 2023-06-18

Really great service, helped us save about 30% on power plus a free $100 sign up bonus. Very fast and efficient.

Kat W , 2023-06-20

Very helpful and informative. Lovely chatting with them on the phone, helped me find a power supplier, pretty simple and straight forward

Dee Painter , 2023-08-08

So easy to use, very helpful and got a great deal with my power and gas