Voyager Broadband Plans

Voyager is a nationwide Kiwi broadband provider with a standout difference: exceptional customer service. If you’re seeking a provider that can offer you fast, friendly, knowledgeable, personal, (and did we say fast?) support, look no further than Voyager. Voyager’s NZ-based helpdesk aims to answer calls within 60 seconds, and no query is too big or too small. Best of all, Voyager’s support team provide help that’s easy for anyone to understand – no complicated IT jargon here!

All Voyager home broadband plans offer unlimited data and free setup. Choose between a 12-month term for the best price or go with a no-contract option if you’re needing flexibility.

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voyager broadband plans nz

Why sign up with Voyager?

At Voyager, it’s all about speed and reliability – and that applies to everything from their broadband service to their customer support. With fast, consistent broadband speeds, you can rest assured that your Voyager connection will keep up with anything you need it for. And getting help from their helpdesk is just as fast and easy.

Whether you choose Fibre or an ADSL/VDSL plan, you’ll have the option of no-contract terms – perfect for those that need a little more flexibility. And there are never any data caps, so you can game, work, and stream to your heart’s desire!

If you’re still not sure, you can compare broadband prices from Voyager NZ with other provider plans using glimp’s online comparison tool.

Is Voyager The Best Broadband Provider For You?

If you want fast, reliable broadband that you can count on to ‘just work’, Voyager will suit you to a T. Clear, simple plans and award-winning customer support ensure Voyager will keep you connected, without any headaches.

Do you like the look of Voyager internet, but you’re not sure whether to take the plunge? Compare broadband prices from all of New Zealand’s leading internet providers today!

Types of Voyager Broadband NZ Deals, Plans

Voyager fibre broadband plans

Voyager Fibre plans offer the fastest speeds to cover all your broadband needs and are especially great for homes with multiple users who like gaming or streaming movies. All Fibre plans offer unlimited data and are available on a 12-month or no-contract term. They now offer Fibre 300 plans at the same price.

Voyager unlimited broadband plans

All of Voyager’s broadband plans offer unlimited data – it’s as simple as that! Fibre is available in most places, so you can take advantage of your fibre connectivity with the full high-speed experience. For those where fibre isn’t yet available, the ADSL/VDSL option is your friend.

Voyager no-contract broadband plans

All of Voyager’s home broadband plans offer a no-contract option, whether you’re looking for fibre or ADSL/VDSL.

Voyager VDSL broadband plans

Once again, it’s just one plan, so that takes all the hard decision making out of the equation. VDSL is ideal for those who don’t yet have access to fibre infrastructure at their property, but still want fast internet speeds. Voyager have you covered with their ADSL/VDSL plan.

Voyager ADSL broadband plans

Of the two Voyager internet plans on offer, ADSL/VDSL is undoubtedly a great option for those who are currently without fibre connectivity. With some of the best copper technology on offer, those running ADSL connections are hardly missing out.

Compare Voyager broadband plans now.

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