Best Gaming Broadband Providers In New Zealand This 2022

May 10, 2022

Always be on top of your game with the best fibre gaming broadband plan! A key to good stats and winning streaks are a fast, steady, and reliable internet connection that can handle all the data-hungry online and video games without interruptions.

If you’re planning to stream your games on Twitch, training to be a professional gamer or just gaming for fun, you can’t afford any buffering or frame rate drops caused by your slow broadband. This is unacceptable, especially as New Zealand is capable of offering as much as 4Gbps in the majority of towns and cities across the country. 

Luckily, broadband providers now offer specialised gamer plans, complete support and tech that gamers need. Here are the best gaming providers available in NZ to check out today.

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MyRepublic: Best overall provider

Known for its specialised plans, MyRepublic is one of the most comprehensive gaming broadband providers in New Zealand. On all their basic offerings, you can simply add an extra $10 per month for gamer support inclusive of a static IP address.

  Gamer Fibre 300 Gamer Fibre Pro Gamer 2000
Gamer 4000
Price $95 per month $105 per month $169 per month $199 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Average speed 300Mbps 679.3Mbps 2000Mbps 4000Mbps
Contract 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

Free rental of TP-Link 16000v

Add $15 for ASUS RT AX3000

Free rental of TP-Link 16000v

Add $15 for ASUS RT AX3000

Free ONT router included Free ONT router included
Installation costs



$249 $249
Termination fee



$240 $240

MyRepublic benefits

  • 3 months of free internet on all their 12-month residential plans
  • Inclusive of Discord gamer support for assistance on whatever game
  • Inclusive of a static IP address support for hosting your favourite games
  • Exclusive gaming offers, deals, and events from their partners
  • Refer a friend and receive a $50 credit when they sign up on a 12-month contract

MyRepublic is known as the fastest fixed broadband provider in New Zealand, according to the data from Ookla. This, on top of having customised and exclusive gamer support, makes them a dependable and trustworthy choice for Kiwi gamers.

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Spark: Best provider in Auckland

With a wide selection of gaming broadband plans, Spark NZ is one of the best gaming broadband providers in Auckland. Based on the Lag Report of League of Legends, they scored 97 over the last 30 days, with 31% of Aucklanders using one of their plans.

  Everyday Fibre Essential Fibre Max Fibre
Price $70 per month $85 per month $100 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Average speed 50/20Mbps 862/506Mbps 862/506Mbps
Contract Open term Open term Open term
Modem BYO or get one from Spark for $106.20 BYO or get one from Spark for $106.20 BYO or get one from Spark for $106.20
Installation costs $0 $0 $0
Termination fee Outstanding interest-free payments apply Outstanding interest-free payments apply Outstanding interest-free payments apply

Spark benefits

  • Free Netflix Standard subscription worth $18.49 for Essential Fibre and Max Fibre
  • Existing billing for Netflix subscription can be transferred through your MySpark account
  • Add only an extra $15 per month for a static IP address for hosting games
  • Pay an extra $10 per month for a landline plan, inclusive of 111 calls

Spark has years of trusted experience, offering plenty of useful extras and add-ons. While they may not have specialised gamer inclusions, they maximise these fibre speeds to provide fast and reliable internet for PC, console, and even mobile phone gaming.

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Vodafone: Best provider in Wellington

Vodafone NZ is one of the biggest gaming providers in Wellington, connecting 30% of Kiwi players in the city. With rewards and inclusions such as Vodafone rewards, SuperWifi eligible, among other discounts, they’re an attractive choice for gamers and even regular Kiwis.

  Fibre Fibre Max
Price $69 per month $89 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Average speed 300/100Mbps 895/501Mbps
Contract No fixed term No fixed term
Modem BYO or get a new one from Vodafone for $4 per month BYO or get a new one from Vodafone for $4 per month
Installation costs $0 $0
Termination fee $199 $199

Vodafone benefits

  • Eligible for SuperWifi, which has a 24-month contract term
  • Inclusive of $10 per month discount for the lifetime of your plan
  • Extra $10 discount for a pay monthly mobile plan bundle
    Exclusive Vodafone rewards

Having one of the largest broadband networks in New Zealand, Vodafone can be your go-to for your telecommunication utilities. While not specialising in gaming, they have plenty of rewards and advantages that gamers can enjoy for the lifetime of their plan.

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Slingshot: Best provider in Christchurch

Being the third-largest broadband provider in New Zealand, Slingshot broadband plans are fast and stable enough for uninterrupted gaming. It’s one of the best sellers on our comparison tool at glimp, big thanks to their broadband deals and power bundles.

  Unlimited Unlimited Gigantic
Price $79.95 per month $94.95 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Average speed 318Mbps 869Mbps
Contract 12 months 12 months
Modem BYO, Ugly Modem, or get one from Slingshot for $5 per month BYO, Ugly Modem, or get one from Slingshot for $5 per month
Installation costs $0 $0
Termination fee $250 $250

Slingshot benefits

  • 3 months of free broadband by signing up through glimp
  • Extra 10% discount when bundled with a power plan
  • Extra $5 per month when bundled with a mobile plan
  • Choose Ugly Modem and they’ll donate $25 to Keep New Zealand Beautiful
  • Free family filter for the lifetime of your 12-month term
  • Add $3.95 per month for a Protection plan for wiring and hardware
  • Pay $5 per month for an antivirus to protect from viruses, trojans, spyware, and adware
  • Includes a home line with unlimited national calling for as low as $5 per month
  • Get a free Lenovo Chromebook on a 12-month plan for broadband and power plan

Having plenty of inclusions and trusted services, it’s no wonder why Slingshot is one of the most prefered broadband providers by a lot of New Zealanders in Christchurch. If you’re after a deal-packed broadband plan, check out Slingshot today.

Get the best fibre gaming plan in your area

While these listed providers can offer the best gaming plans, they may not be the best plan in your area. Make sure you’re connected to the right plan to have an uninterrupted, lag-less, and seamless gaming experience.

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