No Credit Check Broadband Plans In NZ

Jun 24, 2021

As most broadband plans are paid for every month over a fixed contract, most internet providers check their customers’ credit score. This guarantees the company that you have the financial capacity to commit to a long-term payment, with some plans having a contract of up to 24 months or 2 years.

If you’ve not accumulated a sufficient credit score or have an overall bad score, there’s still a chance to get a plan from a trusted broadband provider. Some internet companies offer no credit check broadband plans, which skips the credit checking process. As long as you can pay for the broadband plan upfront, you don’t have to worry about getting a good credit score.

However, price is the biggest caveat for these kinds of plans. As they require a one-off upfront payment, they can be more expensive than pay monthly internet plans. You may also have to pay for some inclusions, which are free if you commit to a contract. 

Take a look at some of the best no credit check broadband plans in New Zealand. Do note that these may be subject to change, depending on the offering of the provider.


Compass is one of the broadband providers that offer no credit check plans. These deals are available through prepay payment, which also means you won’t incur late fees or termination costs! Being a prepay broadband deal, they also make it easy to top-up your plan, even giving you the option for an unlimited fibre internet connection of up to 950Mbps daily!

If you don’t have a home phone line, you can get them through a prepay payment for $1 per day. To fully equip your plan with ultra-fast technologies, you can also purchase a modern D-Link Wi-Fi Router for $113.95, postage included. If you top-up within 8 days, you don’t have to pay a reconnection fee. Otherwise, you have to pay an extra $65 to reactivate your plan.

  Prepay Fibre 100 Prepay Fibre Max
Price $3.00 per day $3.75 per day
Speeds 100/ 20Mbps 950/ 500Mbps
Data credits Unlimited Unlimited
Contract Open term/ prepay Open term/ prepay
Modem $113.95 or BYO $113.95 or BYO
Modem postage Free Free
Installation fee Free Free
Termination costs Free Free


Flip likes to keep things simple, so they let you pay in advance. A high or sufficient credit limit isn’t a requirement as you only pay with the money that you have. All payments are processed on your MyFlip account. They have a no-fuss sign-up process and super-fast installation with no lock-in contracts or break fees.

Their no credit check broadband plans aren’t just straightforward; they’re reliable too! Depending on your selection, you can get up to 50Mbps. What’s great is, they give you the option to get connected at your preferred date. A modem is also optional for a one-off payment of only $50, and you get to keep it as long as you like.

  Naked Fibre 30 Naked Fibre 50
Price $15.00 per week $15.00 per week
Speeds 30/ 10Mbps 50/ 10Mbps
Data credits Unlimited Unlimited
Contract Open term Open term
Modem $50 or BYO $50 or BYO
Modem postage Free Free
Installation fee Free Free
Termination costs Free Free


Voyager goes big on giving Kiwis' flexibility. You can choose their open term contract and opt-out of credit check authorisation. This is a perfect choice not only for those who have a bad credit score but also for those who value their data. Having a no-contract broadband plan means you can cancel your plan at any moment. Just give them at least a 30-day notice.

They let you choose from their wide range of no credit broadband plan options — from ultra-fast and standard fibre to VDSL and ADSL. Speeds can range from 24 to 950Mbps, which may vary in availability depending on your address. Best of all, they offer a free installation fee for a limited time period.

  ADSL VDSL Fibre 100 Fibre Max
Price $89 per month $89 per month $99 per month $119 per month
Speeds 24/ 1Mbps 70/ 10Mbps 100/ 20Mbps 950/ 450Mbps
Data credits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contract 12 months or open term 12 months or open term 12 months or open term 12 months or open term
Modem $225 one-off/ $10 power month or BYO $225 one-off/ $10 power month or BYO $225 one-off/ $10 power month or BYO $225 one-off/ $10 power month or BYO
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95
Installation fee Free Free Free Free
Termination costs $0-199 $0-199 $0-199 $0-199

Are no credit check broadband plans only for those who have bad credit?

Of course not! Although they can be very useful for New Zealanders with a bad credit score, those who have good credit score can purchase these plans, too. While you can save more and get more perks if you have a pay monthly broadband plan, it just doesn’t sit well with the needs of some people.

Another advantage of having no credit broadband in New Zealand is, you don’t have to worry about getting your credit information being compromised. It doesn’t happen often, but some hackers may tap into your billing information and use them for fraudulent activities. The risk is very low, but sometimes, you can never be too sure about your data security.

Can your no credit broadband plan in NZ come with a contract?

no credit broadband plan is more common with a prepay term. Paying upfront gives you the freedom to terminate your deal at any time without additional charges. Although, some providers also offer no credit broadband deals on a contract.

Of course, you still have to input your credit card details, especially if you plan to auto-deduct it on your bank account. This works as broadband providers give you the choice to unselect their credit check. Doing this can also prevent your information from being shared with credit checking agencies, depending on the practices of the provider.

Keep in mind that failing to pay your monthly broadband bill can lead to penalties. If you choose to terminate your plan prematurely, you may have to pay an early termination fee, which can cost up to $500. Take note of these when choosing the right contract in your no credit check broadband plan.

Which no credit check broadband deal is the best match for me?

It depends on your needs. Different Kiwis have different needs for their online usage, so it's never a one-size-fits-all. The great news is, you can easily find the perfect deal for you when you compare here at glimp.

Compare, switch, and save on your broadband plan today!

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