Voyager Fibre

Voyager is an entirely Kiwi-owned broadband provider dedicated to bringing a more personalised customer experience in NZ. In addition to affordable internet plans, they strive to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing simple yet efficient services to their consumers. 

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Why sign up with Voyager Fibre?

If you don't want to commit to a long-term plan, Voyager is an ideal choice! They provide a no-contract service, for no-fuss and no commitment broadband.

Voyager internet plans are customisable too. It's natural that many Kiwis want to try out a plan first to check if it fits all of their requirements. With Voyager, you can do just that! You can test out their services first and switch anytime without paying termination fees if it's not the best fit for you.

Single fibre broadband

Voyager offers a single type of fibre broadband service. They created this so you don't have to deal with a complicated shopping experience when all you want is a broadband connection. This is the fastest way to connect your home to superfast broadband.

Local support crew

Voyager has offices in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Their reliable help desk staff are available from 8AM to 10PM, seven days a week. Because their technicians are situated locally, they understand Kiwi slang! You won't have to decipher any IT jargon to obtain the assistance you need.


You have the choice to select their fixed-term option for 12 months or the no-term option if you want more flexibility.

Voyager Fibre Plans NZ

Fibre Max

Get up to a maximum of 950Mbps download and 450Mbps upload speeds for as low as $79 per month for a 12-month term, and $89 per month if you want to sign up with no term.

Fibre Unlimited

If you need a basic fibre connection for your home, this plan now provides 300Mbps download speed and 100Mbps upload speed, making it suitable for small households with 1 or 2 occupants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a router with Voyager plans?

You can rent out a router together with your Voyager broadband plan. The rental fee costs $10 per month plus a $14.95 one-time courier fee, or buy it for $225. If you want to terminate your contract, you should return the router in good condition or purchase it for your own use.

What are Voyager’s contract terms?

There are no contracts or cancellation fees. Simply give a 30-day notice if you decide to terminate your Voyager fibre service.

What additional benefits does Voyager offer?

While Voyager doesn’t offer multiple fibre options, the freedom, simplicity, unlimited, fast, and naked options that they offer are wonderful compromises.

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Shane Egan (Popup) , 2023-07-10

Excellent service. Responsive and easy to deal with. Got me an awesome deal on Broadband. Well worth calling to see what they can do. 👍

Jamie Martin , 2023-06-18

Really great service, helped us save about 30% on power plus a free $100 sign up bonus. Very fast and efficient.

Kat W , 2023-06-20

Very helpful and informative. Lovely chatting with them on the phone, helped me find a power supplier, pretty simple and straight forward

Dee Painter , 2023-08-08

So easy to use, very helpful and got a great deal with my power and gas