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Bigpipe NZ is created with quick and easy broadband plan selections. All internet plans are limitless, naked, and filled with add-ons (including a free router if you commit to a 12-month contract). 

Its naked UFB plans are among the fastest on the market, making them ideal for individuals who require a lightning-fast connection. Bigpipe fibre is only available to properties that already have access to fibre infrastructure. As the government expands this to more properties, getting connected will become much easier.

Compare New Zealand's leading broadband providers with glimp to see if Bigpipe internet is right for you.

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Why sign up with Bigpipe Fibre?

Bigpipe fibre plans are basic and straightforward, so you won't have to ponder which option is perfect for you.

What's not to love about getting your first three months of your broadband plan free of charge when you sign up for any year-long contract with Bigpipe NZ? These simple solutions are appealing, especially if you've recently relocated.

Types of Bigpipe Fibre plans NZ


This is Bigpipe’s basic UFB. Get fibre with no data caps, simple sign-up, and excellent online assistance. You can get a free modem and connection fee on a 12-month contract.

  • $79 per month
  • 100Mbps download speed
  • 20Mbps upload speed


With faster uploads, you can share, stream, and play games with no data limits.

  • $89 per month
  • 100Mbps download speed
  • 100Mbps upload speed


High download speed. Quick upload speeds with no data limits. 

  • $99 per month
  • 200Mbps download speed
  • 20Mbps upload speed


Bigpipe’s fastest fibre plan isperfect for big households and videoconferencing.

  • $109 per month 
  • 700 to 900Mbps download speed 
  • 400 to 500Mbps upload speed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep using my old modem?

If you choose the 12-month contract option, you receive a complimentary Bigpipe Smart Modem. Additionally, you get a $99 Bigpipe Smart Modem when you sign up for one of their no-contract plans.

What are the best modem settings for Bigpipe Fibre?

Bigpipe modems are preconfigured to work with any of their plan— simply plug them in and go!

Here are the Bigpipe fibre settings for Starter, Expert, Pro, and Elite plans for manual configuration:

  • PPP Protocol: PPPoE
  • VLAN tagging: Disabled 
  • PPP Username / password: anything, just not blank
  • Service name: [leave blank]
  • DNS servers: Obtain automatically

If you are switching from another UFB provider make sure that VLAN tagging is turned off (VLAN off, 0, -1) in your modem/router settings.

Can I switch from my DSL plan to Bigpipe Fibre?

If you’re located in a UFB-ready area, you’re eligible to upgrade to Bigpipe Fibre. You can also check fibre availability here at glimp.

Compare Bigpip fibre plans today!

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Google rating +
Matthew Symmons , 2021-12-04

Both the highlighted deals i clicked through to get turned out to be inaccurate speeds. Glimp saying 300/100 both providers only offering 100/20 for the price given, despite giving the same address in both sites. still giving 3 stars though as regardless the deals through Glimp are better than the standard advertised deals on the providers site.

Leah Te Rangi , 2021-09-28

Sign up didn't go quite the way it was meant to. But Kate called and she walked through everything so we could work out what went wrong. she was patient, friendly, supportive and kept me calm to finally get plan registration sorted ( still can't log in though - she must be magic )

Tara Davis , 2021-09-28

Found it really easy to find what i needed and also got a call regarding what deals might be best suited etc. Saves a lot of time. Highly reccommend glimp