Wireless Nation Broadband Reviews

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Glimp values the experience of Kiwis who have used our services to get Wireless Nation broadband plans installed in their households. These experiences are important to us as they help our business grow and guides our future customers in making the switch to Wireless Nation.

No matter where you are in New Zealand, Wireless Nation can offer you a fast and reliable broadband connection. So whether you’re in a nice flat in Auckland, or in the remote Chatham Islands, you can be assured that you’ll get the same speeds and service in every area. This is why so many rural new Zealanders trust Wireless Nation; they have an exceptional customer service team who understand what it takes to get a speedy broadband connection that you can rely on.

Find out if Wireless Nation can offer you the best broadband speeds in your area. See how they fare compared to other internet providers in New Zealand.

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Wireless Nation Review: Broadband Plans, Monthly Costs, and Speeds

Price Download/ Upload Speeds Data cap
Fibre 300 $89 per month 306/ 108 Mbps Unlimited
Fibre Max $109 per month 846/ 497 Mbps Unlimited
Home Wireless 120GB $69 per month 120GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps) Endless after 120GB at reduced speeds
Home Wireless 300GB $89 per month 300GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps) Endless after 300GB at reduced speeds
Home Wireless 1000GB $99 per month 1000GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps) Endless after 1000GB at reduced speeds
Home Wireless Unlimited WiFi $129 per month Full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps) Unlimited
Rural Wireless 300GB $129.90 per month 300GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps) Endless after 300GB at reduced speeds
Rural Wireless Unlimited WiFi $149.90 per month Full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps) Unlimited

Wireless Nation Plans and Pricing

Wireless Nation offers a range of broadband plans to met the specific needs of households when it comes to data cap, contract term, internet speeds, and add-ons. On top of their home broadband plans, they offer specialised broadband plans for businesses, lifestyle users, and New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMA).

Check the pros and cons of the Wireless Nation home broadband plans right here.

Fibre Broadband

Wireless Nation’s fibre broadband plans—Fibre 300 and Fibre Max—are the best options if you want the most reliable, fastest, and no nonsense broadband in New Zealand.

  • Free fibre installation for standard installations
  • Enjoy support from local Kiwis like yourselves
  • Modem and set-up costs $199 upfront for open term plans (Free on a 12-month term)
  • Early termination fees apply for every remaining month

Home Wireless

Home Wireless Broadband plans of Wireless Nation offer plug-and-play functionalities for flats and households with no existing fibre connections in urban New Zealand.

  • Quick installation setup; no technicians involved
  • No long-term contracts that you cancel anytime
  • Powerful 4G modem costs $329 upfront; $16.95 for shipping
  • Some plans have reduced speeds once the data cap is reached

Rural Wireless

Rural New Zealand lack good broadband options, which Wireless Nation plans to change with their Rural Wireless Broadband plans.

  • No throttling to enjoy the best speeds as advertised
  • Connect to over 3,000 Wireless Towers across NZ
  • Powerful 4G modem costs $329 upfront; $16.95 for shipping
  • Technician call-outs cost $113.85 + $1.50 per km from the technician's base

Why comparing will help you save?

Comparing can help reduce your monthly costs significantly! By comparing different plans from the best providers in NZ, you can find a tailored result that matches your needs perfectly – it’s that quick and easy! And best of all – it’s free! In just a few minutes, you can switch to a comprehensive deal and start saving money today!

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Wireless Nation Review - FAQs

How fast is Wireless Nation?

Wireless Nation offers fibre broadband speeds where it’s available. If you live in the outskirts of the city or in rural New Zealand, full 4G speeds with no throttling are available. Here’s a rundown of average download and upload speeds of Wireless Nation broadband plans.

  • Fibre 300 - 306/ 108 Mbps
  • Fibre Max - 846/ 497 Mbps
  • Home Wireless 120GB - 120GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps)
  • Home Wireless 300GB - 300GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps)
  • Home Wireless 1000GB - 1000GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps)
  • Home Wireless Unlimited WiFi - Full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps)
  • Rural Wireless 300GB - 300GB full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps)
  • Rural Wireless Unlimited WiFi - Full 4G speeds (27/ 17 Mbps)

Is Wireless WiFi any good?

Wireless Nation is built with the premise of bringing wireless broadband in a time where most of New Zealand still has dial-up internet. Whether you’re in urban and rural locations, they offer great the best broadband deals, including their wireless plans for Home Wireless and Rural Wireless Broadband.

What is New Zealand's broadband ranking?

According to the Speedtest Global Index from Speedtest by Ookla, New Zealand ranks 14th in the world for the fastest fixed broadband speeds. The average download speeds is 164.84 Mbps, while the average upload speeds is 94.25 Mbps.

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