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Amuri.Net are a NZ rural broadband provider, aiming to provide rural Kiwis in Canterbury with affordable and high-quality internet connections. They use a hybrid of wireless and fibre technologies to provide broadband without the need of phone lines – meaning that their broadband offerings are fast and reliable, even if you’re in a remote location.

Amuri.Net are a diversified provider, as they not only offer comprehensive rural broadband plans, but also other tech services such as webmail, server hosting, backup connectivity, and more! Whether you need broadband for your home or business, there’s an Amuri.Net’s internet plan to match all your needs.

amuri rural broadband plans

When it comes to their broadband plans, they keep things simple, with only a few options to choose from. They won’t bombard you with tons of fancy bells and whistles, as they know that most Kiwis living rurally just want to connect to the internet. Instead, they keep their broadband offerings simple and reliable – so you can enjoy affordable, high quality, and always-connected internet wherever you are in Canterbury. 

Amuri.Net’s internet plans are some of the best in the Canterbury region, so make sure to consider them when you need to connect your household or business to the internet. If you want a comprehensive comparison of their offerings amongst the best providers in the region, compare them using our broadband comparison tool at glimp.

Why sign up with Amuri.Net Rural Broadband?

If you live in the Canterbury region, you’re better off with a broadband provider that specialises in your area... like Amuri.Net! Canterbury is known to be one of the most rural and sparsely populated in the country, making it extra hard to get reliable and consistent coverage. Luckily, Amuri.Net are there to help.

With their main focus being to improve broadband services in the Canterbury region, Amuri.Net’s internet plans have great coverage - even extending to Waimakariri and the Hurunui districts in North Canterbury. As a part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, you can expect lightning-fast broadband speeds with the continuous roll-out of fibre technologies throughout the country.

Is it easy to contact Amuri.Net Rural Broadband?

Amuri.Net’s great coverage is partnered with excellent customer service, making them one of the best providers in the region. Simply contact them on 0800 002 643, or through their email. 

Amuri.Net’s internet plans are constantly improving, thanks to their dedication to shortening the urban and rural gap by providing consistent broadband services. If you want stable coverage and the best speeds in your rural abode, check out Amuri.Net’s broadband plans using the glimp comparison tool.

What are the benefits of signing up with Amuri.Net?

If you value freedom and flexibility more than the fancy extras and add-ons in your broadband plan, then Amuri.Net’s internet plans are the perfect option for you! Their broadband plans have no contracts, giving you the choice to cancel and change your plan anytime without fear of expensive cancellation fees. 

Their broadband plans also come with generous data caps, so you won’t feel limited with your broadband usage. Plus, you can also customise your plan to match exactly what you need! This is on top of their fast and first-class broadband speeds that promise quick downloads and snappy media experiences. Before getting a plan with Amuri.Net, make sure to compare your options with glimp.

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Tea Edwards , 2024-03-25

I was a little hesitant to stay on the call when I first picked up but I’m glad I stayed until I did. Josua Legavai was the lovely lady taking care of me. She was so friendly, clear and helpful. She helped me understand everything I needed to and explained everything with great detail. I am still young and learning and have just moved into a new home with my son so I’m grateful she was able to help me today.

Zoe Pascoe , 2024-02-26

Highly recommend Jordan at Glimp, very professional and really good at her job! thank you for the help definitely saved me alot of time ready for our move thank you Jordan A+++++

Peter Allport , 2024-02-23

I'm so happy I asked Glimp for help, to find a service provider that suits our family's budget, without losing quality and unlimited data on both our mobile phones and broadband. Mele Falahola is a Comparison Specialist from Glimp and she was amazing from the beginning. Mele located the right service provider for our needs that will save us money!, fulfil our usage and more! compared to what we were using. My wife and I even asked for a comparison on our electricity bill. Mele responded immediately once she saw our monthly bills and compared it to another provider that not only do not required a contract to stick too (like the mobile and broadband provider Mele recommended) but their price per kWh was so much better! Which is why we changed that also. Thank you Mele and Glimp for your help. We can now look forward to our Christmas holiday in the Cook Islands from what we can now save. :-)