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Where is the Fastest Internet in New Zealand?

If You Had To Guess Which City Has The Fastest Internet Speed In New Zealand, Which City Would You Pick? The Results May Surprise You! In This Blog Post, We Look at Data Provided By Chorus, To See Which Cities Experience The Fastest Internet Speeds In New Zealand. See The Results Inside!

Latest New Zealand Fibre Rollout Updates

What’s The Latest With The Government’s Planned Rollout Of Ultra-Fast Broadband? In This Blog Post, We Check Up On The Most Recent Updates Regarding New Zealand’s Fibre Rollout Progress And How You Can Find The Best Fibre Broadband Plans. Read More.

What’s the Best Internet Speed for Gaming On Console And PC?

All Gaming Devices These Days Are Connected To The Internet. In This Blog Post We Break Down What Internet Speeds Are Best For Gaming Online. We Also Go Beyond Speed And Look At Other Key Factors To Consider When Optimising Your Online Gaming Experience. Learn More.

5 Ways to Make Your Wi-Fi Faster

You Know Your Wi-Fi Isn’t Good When You’re Searching Google For Ways To Make It Faster. Luckily For You There Are Many Ways To Make Wi-Fi Faster Without Paying More For A Better Broadband Plan. Here We Will Discuss 5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Home Or Office Wi-Fi. Find Out More