Here's How To Get FREE Spotify Premium With Your NZ Mobile Plan

Sep 20, 2023
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How do you get free Spotify Premium and plenty of other great perks in your NZ mobile plan?

As you know, Spotify is a music streaming platform, with a diverse library of songs, podcasts, and playlists from different artists around the world. While you can use it for free, you'll have to deal with pesky ads every 30 minutes of continuous listening. But the great news is, mobile phone plans in NZ offer Spotify Premium for free.

Yes, you don't need to use your own credit card to pay for a Spotify premium account. Just choose from NZ's trusted mobile phone plan providers, and see which of them offer Spotify for free.

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How much does Spotify Premium cost?

Spotify has an ever-growing library of all different genres and artists. You can access it on almost all your smart devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Plus, they have several Premium options to match your needs.

  Individual Duo Family Student
Price $14.99/ month $18.99/ month $22.50/ month $7.49/ month
No. of accounts 1 account 2 accounts Up to 6 accounts 1 account
Condition N/A 2 accounts for those living under one roof 6 accounts for family members living under one roof Discounted rate for eligible university students
Special feature N/A Duo Mix, where both of you can create and update a playlist of songs you enjoy Family Mix, where the family can create and update a playlist of songs you all enjoy; Block explicit music for kids N/A
Perks 1 month free for first-time users 1 month free for first-time users 1 month free for first-time users 1 month free for first-time users

Different terms and conditions apply to each plan. Read them carefully before subscribing. If you’re happy with your subscription, you may want to look for an annual subscription, instead of a monthly one. This can save you a few bucks.

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Why should I get Spotify Premium?

While you can still listen to your favourite songs even without paying the monthly fee, subscribing to Spotify Premium lets you take advantage of the music streaming service’s full features. This includes:

  • Uninterrupted streaming for your music and podcasts
  • Ability to shuffle tracks from your favourite album or playlist
  • Have unlimited skips per hour and curate specific tracks
  • Download your favourite tracks and albums for offline listening (downloads can be saved and accessed only on the app)
  • Set the quality to ‘Very High’ for hi-res lossless audio listening
  • No more ads! Guaranteed uninterrupted listening, unless you have some problems with your current Broadband or Mobile plan

These excellent features are one of the reasons why Spotify is arguably the most popular music streaming service in New Zealand and the world. Going Premium allows you to fully benefit from the music streaming service.

To get Spotify Premium for free, check out these mobile phone plans.

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Spark Prepaid Plan: 50% off Spotify Premium

Spark is one of the many mobile plan providers that offer nice perks! Their Prepaid plans are ideal for Kiwis who don’t want to be tied down with a commitment of paying monthly fees on a specific contract. The best part is, this comes with a discounted Spotify Premium!

Prepaid Value Packs

Price $19/ 4 weeks $29/ 4 weeks $49/ 4 weeks $79/ 4 weeks
Data 1.25GB Rollover Data 2GB Rollover Data 4GB Rollover Data Endless Data
Talk 200 NZ rollover minutes 300 NZ rollover minutes 500 NZ rollover minutes Unlimited to AU & NZ
SMS Unlimited to NZ Unlimited to NZ Unlimited to NZ Unlimited to AU & NZ
Spotify 50% off Spotify Premium 50% off Spotify Premium 50% off Spotify Premium 50% off Spotify Premium
Other perks Free 2GB Bonus Data Free 2GB Bonus Data Free 2GB Bonus Data N/A

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Data Lovers

Price $20/ 4 weeks $40/ 4 weeks
Data 1.5GB rollover data 4.5GB rollover data
Talk 49c per min talk to NZ 49c per min talk to NZ
SMS 20c per text to NZ 20c per text to NZ
Spotify 50% off Spotify Premium 50% off Spotify Premium
Other perks 1GB socializer data 1GB socializer data

Spark's Pay Monthly Plan: 50% off or FREE Spotify Premium

If you don’t want to suddenly run out of data credits, calling minutes, or texts in the middle of the month, switch to a pay monthly plan from Spark. What’s more, you can get free Spotify Premium depending on your mobile plan.

Endless Mobile

Price $59.99/ month $79.99/ month $99.99/ month
Data Unlimited (reduced speeds after 12GB) Unlimited (reduced speeds after 40GB) Unlimited (reduced speeds after 100GB)
Hotspot Additional $10/ month 5GB Hotspot Data 10GB Hotspot Data
Talk Unlimited to NZ and AUS Unlimited to NZ and AUS Unlimited to NZ and AUS
SMS Unlimited to NZ and AUS Unlimited to NZ and AUS Unlimited to NZ and AUS
Spotify 50% off Spotify Premium Free Spotify Premium (worth $14.99/ month) Free Spotify Premium (worth $14.99/ month)
Other perks Visual Voicemail; 120 Airpoints Dollars (online only) Visual Voicemail; 160 Airpoints Dollars (online only) Visual Voicemail; 200Airpoints Dollars (online only)


Price $39.99/ month
Data 3GB Rollover Data
Talk 300 Rollover Minutes (NZ only)
SMS Unlimited to NZ only
Spotify 50% off Spotify Premium
Other perks Visual Voicemail

Vodafone Pass: No charge for Spotify Premium in your data plan

If Vodafone has better reception in your area or you think they offer the perks you need, they have the Vodafone Pass that you can add to your mobile plan. This allows you to use Spotify Premium as well as other apps like Facebook, Netflix, and WhatsApp without getting charged on your mobile data.

  Social Pass Video Pass Music Pass Chat Pass
Works on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest Netflix, Neon, Sky GO, Vodafone TV, TVNZ OnDemand Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Rova, SoundCloud, Tidal, Spotify Messenger, WhatsApp
Price $2/ day; $5/ 7 days; $10/ 28 days $5/ day; $10/ 7 days; $20/ 28 days $2/ day; $5/ 7 days; $10/ 28 days $1/ day; $3/ 7 days; $5/ 28 days
Available on My Vodafone App My Vodafone App My Vodafone App My Vodafone App

Get Free Spotify Premium on your mobile plan today

If you love listening to music, Spotify Premium is one of your best choices. They provide great audio quality, and thousands of choices in music, podcasts, and even meditation tracks. Get it for a discounted price or for free by purchasing one of these mobile plans.

If these plans don't fit your needs, there are always plenty of options from different providers in NZ.

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