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Date Jul 13, 2020
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This week we are covering - MyRepublic. We will go into detail of who they are, what they do, what sort of broadband plans they offer and with what bundles. 

MyRepublic - The Who & The What

MyRepublic was New Zealand's first fibre broadband only Internet Service Provider. They're purpose built to deliver the full potential of Ultra-fast Fibre Broadband. MyRepublic started in Singapore in 2011, where they shifted the ISP landscape drastically and now they plan to do the same in NZ.

MyRepublic plans are truly unlimited and ready to unleash the potential of their fibre broadband network from Whangarei to Invercargill down south. The MyRepublic team is committed to being at the forefront of helping customers take advantage of the fibre revolution, and delivering an awesome internet experience to all kiwis.

You can find out more about MyRepublic by going to their About Page. 

MyRepublic - The Broadband Plans

Here at glimp we show MyRepublic's best broadband plans, 45 to be exact with all the different permutations, which you can easily compare on glimp. How? We help you out and tailor the broadband plans based on the answers you gave to the questions that we asked you, which is pretty cool. So you know that we are showing you broadband plans that suit your needs.

MyRepublic broadband plans are Unlimited only, which makes it easy to choose one that fits the bill. 

They cover VDSL, Fibre 100 and Fibre 200 broadband speeds. If you don't know what broadband technology is available at your address, don't worry, because we take care of that for you! We know if your house can get ADSL, VDSL or Fibre broadband speeds. 

The majority of MyRepublic broadband plans come on a contracted term and you can add a landline to the mix, if you want. However, they also have some broadband plans with no contract.

MyRepublic - The Broadband Plan Extras

If you sign up to MyRepublic's broadband plans, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free Installation & Setup
  • Free Gigabit Modem
  • New Zealand Based Customer Support
  • Depending on how long you get a contract, you can get $200 credit or Free Chromecast or Free gaming gear.

MyRepublic - Compare Broadband Plans

This was a quick overview of MyRepublic and the broadband plans that they offer, as well as the extras that the broadband plans come with. You can compare all the best broadband plans and see their pricing via glimp by going here: Compare Best MyRepublic Broadband Plans. Remember, it will only take one minute!

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Karyn Swallow , 2022-03-14

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Fast easy service - was able to tailor to my situation. Would recommend!

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Larry G was very helpful when we were setting our internet provider. He was very informative and patient with the process. Glimp is an awesome website when comparing and switching power/internet providers.