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How does our broadband comparison work?

Choosing the right broadband plan that matches your needs can be a difficult task. While there are plenty of good deals out there that you can score, it can be hard to find them – especially as there are hundreds of great deals on offer. Fortunately, at glimp, we’re here to help. We provide a one-stop-shop website where you can see all the best broadband deals currently on offer. You can compare these deals side by side, so it’s easier to find the best deal for you.

Best of all, our comparison service is 100% free! We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis just like you every day, and now is your time to save on your broadband plan too! Compare broadband deals in New Zealand using glimp today!

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It's simple! Just tell us your basic details, and we'll show you tailored results according to what you need. We guarantee that you can save time, effort, and money by using our easy to use comparison tool. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable internet connection in your area, comparing is a smart way to compare the best broadband deals in New Zealand.

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A broadband plan that ticks all the right boxes can be difficult to locate – so why should you have to pay more to find that deal? At glimp, we’re on a mission to help you find the best broadband deal without any added costs! Since our comparison tool is 100% free, you can save even more by comparing broadband deals at glimp!

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No two families or households are the same – meaning that each one has different needs. glimp know this, which is why we let you tailor your broadband plan to suit your individual needs. By answering a few simple questions about your household and internet needs, you can find the right broadband deal for you.

Start saving on your internet bill

If you’re tired of having a broadband deal that doesn’t give you what you want, then now is the perfect time to switch! glimp lets you compare the best broadband plans from the leading broadband providers in New Zealand. There are also exclusive deals for our customers, which means more savings for you! We’ve already helped thousands of Kiwis find the best deals every day, and now’s your time to save too!

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We save you time and money

Simply tell us your basic details when using our comparison tool here at glimp to get a customised result of the best broadband deals for you.

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glimp uses a comprehensive broadband comparison tool to make sure that we give you the most accurate results currently on offer in NZ.

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glimp’s comparison tool is 100% free! Whether you just want to see what your options are, or you want to purchase a plan immediately, you pay nothing for using our services.

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glimp is a trusted comparison website in New Zealand, renown for helping thousands of Kiwis every day. Stuff, NZ Herald, SolarCity, Truenet, NBR, and many more talk about us.

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Matthew Symmons , 2021-12-14

*edit - turns out the providers are all upgrading and the glimp site is more up to date* Both the highlighted deals i clicked through to get turned out to be inaccurate speeds. Glimp saying 300/100 both providers only offering 100/20 for the price given, despite giving the same address in both sites. still giving 3 stars though as regardless the deals through Glimp are better than the standard advertised deals on the providers site.

Leah Te Rangi , 2021-09-28

Sign up didn't go quite the way it was meant to. But Kate called and she walked through everything so we could work out what went wrong. she was patient, friendly, supportive and kept me calm to finally get plan registration sorted ( still can't log in though - she must be magic )