NZ Broadband Deals: Where To Get Free Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, And Disney+

Oct 25, 2021

Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ is one of the most common uses for a fast broadband deal. That’s why a lot of internet providers in NZ offer streaming platform bundles with their plans.

When you purchase these bundle deals, you often get free streaming subscriptions for a certain timeframe. The catch is, you may have to commit to their contract, or pay a pricey termination fee to cancel your plan in the middle of a term. But this should all be worth it, especially if you’re a movie geek, drama enthusiast, or just a casual binge-watcher.

Here’s where you can get free streaming subscriptions bundled in your broadband plan.

Spark: Free Netflix

Netflix has one of the largest streaming libraries, so it’s a steal that Spark offers this for free! By getting a Netflix subscription, you get to watch the hottest and trending content such as:

  • Squid Game (Season 1)
  • Bridgerton (Season 1)
  • Lupin (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Money Heist (Parts 1-5)
  • The Queen’s Gambit

Spark offers the Netflix Standard for free. This is usually worth $16.99 per month, with a free 30-day trial period. This allows you to watch on two devices simultaneously — be it on smart TVs, smartphones, PC, Mac, media players, or even gaming consoles.

You can get a free Netflix Standard subscription on the following plans from Spark:

  Essential Fibre Max Fibre Max Wireless
Price $85 per month $100 per month $85 per month
Speed 100/20Mbps 900/500Mbps Around 27/15 Mbps
Data allowance Unlimited Unlimited 5G Unlimited
Modem BYO/ $106.20 from Spark BYO/ $106.20 from Spark Spark 5G Modem included
Term Open term Open term Open term
Extras Add $10/month for landline Add $10/month for landline Add $10/month for landline

As your streaming subscription is included in your broadband plan, the Netflix Standard will also terminate if you cancel your internet deal. Do note that the availability of these plans may vary per location. 

Compare Spark Broadband plans here!

Spark: Discounted Neon

While it’s not entirely free, you can get a Neon subscription from Spark at a discounted rate. Instead of paying the full price of $15.99 per month, you only need to pay $11.99 per month on selected Spark mobile and broadband plans.

It allows you to stream on two devices simultaneously on HD. All content can be streamed on the platform, except pay per view movies. Some of the best shows to stream are:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale (4 seasons)
  • Yellowstone (4 seasons)
  • Suits (9 seasons)
  • Sex and the City (6 seasons)
  • Breaking Bad (5 seasons)

Contact Spark to know if your broadband plan is eligible for this discounted Neon subscription.

Bonus: Mobile plan with free Spotify Premium

If you're on a Spark mobile phone plan, you can easily get free Spotify Premium. The plan is worth $14.99 per month and can be accessed on all devices.

Here’s where you can get the free or discounted Spotify Premium on your mobile plan.

  12GB Max Speed Data 40GB Max Speed Data 100GB Max Speed Data
Price $59.99 per month $79.99 per month $99.99 per month
Data Endless (Reduced speeds after 12GB) Endless (Reduced speeds after 40GB) Endless (Reduced speeds after 100GB)
Texts and calls Unlimited to NZ and AUS Unlimited to NZ and AUS Unlimited to NZ and AUS
Spotify Premium Half Price Free Free
Hotspot Extra $10 per month 5GB 10GB
Extras Visual Voicemail; 50 Airpoints Dollar Visual Voicemail; 50 Airpoints Dollar Visual Voicemail; 50 Airpoints Dollar

2degrees: Free Amazon Prime Video and Neon

Another favourite streaming platform of New Zealanders is Amazon Prime Video.

The subscription is worth $8.00 per month, but 2degrees offers Amazon Prime subscription of up to six months free when you sign up for their 12-month broadband term.

The best part is, this Amazon Prime Video subscription comes with free Prime Gaming benefits, such as free games, free in-game content, and a free Twitch subscription.

Here are just some of the most popular series and movies on the platform:

  • The Man in the High Castle (4 seasons)
  • Homecoming (2 seasons)
  • Fleabag (2 seasons)
  • The Invincibles (1 season)
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (3 seasons)
  • Undone (1 season) 

What’s more, the six months free subscription also extends to Neon! Skip paying $15.99 per month for this 100% Kiwi owned paid entertainment streaming service and stream. On top of this, you also get the first month of your 12-month broadband contract for free!

If you have an existing 2degrees pay monthly mobile plan, you get an additional $10 discount per month!

You can get these amazing deals when you get one of these 2degrees broadband plans.

  Unlimited Ultimate
Price $89 per month $106 per month
Speed 100/20Mbps 900/400Mbps
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Modem Free rental Free rental
Modem postage $15 $15
Connection fee $0 $0
Extras Home phone line for $15 per month Home phone line for $15 per month

Compare 2degrees Broadband plans here!

Sky Broadband: Free Disney+

Sky Broadband may have just entered the NZ market, but they’re offering great deals! Simply get one of their internet plans and get 12-months of free Disney+ subscription.

Save $12.99 per month, all while getting access to shows like:

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Star Wars Movies
  • The Mandalorian
  • High School Musical
  • National Geographic

As Disney+ owns the most popular media franchises in the entertainment industry, you can watch your favourite films and series that you loved growing up such as Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, and 101 Dalmatians. Of course, you can also stream the most popular and trending shows today such as Raya and the Last Dragon, Mulan, and Soul.

This subscription allows you to watch on 4 devices simultaneously, with up to 4K resolution. You can get this free deal on the following plans:

  WiFi 100 Lightning Fast WiFi Sky TV + WiFi 100 Sky TV + Lightning Fast WiFi
Price $79 per month $99 per month $94.99 per month $104.99 per month
Speed 100/20Mbps 900/400Mbps 100/20Mbps 900/400Mbps
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Modem Free Sky WiFi 6 Router Free Sky WiFi 6 Router Free Sky WiFi 6 Router Free Sky WiFi 6 Router

Sky WiFi Booster for $10/mth

Sky Home Phone Plan for $10/mth

Static IP for $10/mth

Sky WiFi Booster for $10/mth

Sky Home Phone Plan for $10/mth

Static IP for $10/mth

Sky WiFi Booster for $10/mth

Sky Home Phone Plan for $10/mth

Static IP for $10/mth

Sky WiFi Booster for $10/mth

Sky Home Phone Plan for $10/mth

Static IP for $10/mth

Compare Sky Broadband plans here!

Bonus: HBO on Sky TV

If you get a broadband plan with a Sky TV, you can get access to HBO. For now, it’s the only way that you can watch your favourite shows on the platform. Sure, you can get HBO with a VPN service, but it’s not guaranteed to work properly.

You can get most of HBO’s content on almost all Sky packages such as:

  Price Channels
Sky Starter $24.91 per month 40+ channels, including Prime, Food TV, Maori Television, 1,2, & 3, and MTV
Sky Entertainment $25 per month 15+ channels, including History, BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and Crime, and Investigation
Sky Sport $29.90 per month Sports channels, including ESPN and the Rugby channel
Sky Movies $20.93 per month Stream films such as Pacific Rim Uprising, The English Patient, and Django Unchained
Soho 1 and 2 Free Contains most of HBO’s content and can be accessed upon signing up on Sky Starter, Sky Entertainment, Sky Sport, and/or Sky Movies

Some of the best shows to stream on HBO are:

  • Game of Thrones (8 seasons)
  • The Leftovers (3 seasons)
  • The Sopranos (6 seasons)
  • Watchmen (1 season)
  • Six Feet Under (5 seasons)

Which streaming platform offers the best shows?

It all depends on what you want to watch. They’re all great streaming platforms, catering to a different set of audiences. They also have an easy-to-use interface, with all necessary controls and integration with whatever media device you’re using.

As a friendly guide, here’s how to choose a streaming platform, based on your preference:

  • Netflix - Fresh experimental films, series, and documentaries
  • Amazon Prime - oldie but goodie films — including classic B movies, and fresh concept series
  • Neon - Homegrown NZ classics, and foreign series from the UK
  • Disney+ - Childhood favourites, animated films, and movie series
  • HBO - American-produced series, films, variety shows, and more

What do you need to stream shows in NZ?

Streaming your favourite shows, movies, and film series is easy. Just choose the right Broadband plan that can give you access to any of your favorite streaming platforms.

These are the subscription fees for each one:

  Plan Description Price/ month
Netflix Basic Stream on one device at a time for up to SD resolution. $11.99
Standard Stream on two devices simultaneously for up to HD resolution. $16.99
Premium Stream on four devices simultaneously for up to 4K resolution. $21.99
Disney+ Standard Stream on four devices simultaneously for up to 4K resolution. $12.99
Amazon Prime Video Standard Stream on three devices at a time for up to SD resolution. $8.00
Neon Standard Stream on two devices at a time for up to SD resolution. $15.99
HBO Standard Note: HBO can only be accessed on Sky TV. Purchase a Sky Broadband plan with Sky TV bundle to watch HBO shows. Free (See above table for more info)

Note: Prices and specifications may change without prior notice.
Are you doing alright with your current Broadband plan? Make it a habit to compare the best Broadband deals in your area, for FREE!

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